I don’t want to go

    Maryam was furious after Jenny’s husband convinced the judge to delay the divorce proceedings for sixty days. ‘The creep only wanted more time to torment Jenny,’ she thought. Jenny, on the other hand, was as confused as she looked; Maryam thought maybe the girl was in shock. As Jenny’s head began to clear, the question remained: Why? Why would the judge honor such a request? Especially after her lawyer’s presentation, wasn’t he paying attention?

     All of a sudden, Jenny’s face went from confusion to scared. Maryam followed the girl’s gaze just in time to see her soon-to-be-ex making a threatening gesture. Without missing a beat, Maryam grabbed Jenny’s hand and led her out of the courtroom. She didn’t stop until they were alone in the woman’s restroom. Inside, Maryam gathered the girl in her arms and held her close. Jenny welcomed the embrace; she felt safe with this woman. Safer than she could ever remember feeling.

      It didn’t take long for Jenny to relax. Looking down into the girl’s face, Maryam asked. “Are you ok?”

      Jenny stepped back slightly before answering, “I’ll be ok, Maryam, but why would the judge do that?” She paused, then added, “Hmm, I bet they’re buddies.” Jenny looked at Maryam, sure she was right.

      Shaking her head, Maryam agreed. “You are probably right. How about we go home.”  “You know if we walk right past him like he’s not even there..”

      Jenny finished Maryam’s sentence, “it’ll drive him crazy.” They both laughed, “let’s do it but stay right by my side, ok?” Jenny took a deep breath and then followed Maryam out the door. They walked right past the SOB with their heads held high. In the hall, they met up with Jenny’s lawyer; after speaking for a few minutes, they left the courthouse. Maryam and Jenny waited in the parking lot for several minutes, and when the Uber arrived, Jenny practically collapsed in the back seat.

      Emotionally spent, Jenny went straight to her room once they arrived home. Maryam felt terrible for the girl and decided to give her some time alone; two hours should be enough. Unfortunately, Mistress Maryam had a client this evening, and there was no way she was leaving the girl by herself. If Jenny were to stay home alone, Maryam knew she would be worrying, and she needed to concentrate tonight.

        When Maryam entered Jenny’s room, she was surprised to see the girl sitting on the bed; leafing through magazines. Then when Jenny ignored her instructions to get ready, Maryam took a moment to center herself before sternly repeating her instructions. “Jenny, you may want to think twice before dismissing my instructions.”

        Jenny looked into Maryam’s eyes, trying desperately to keep her focus. Of course, it didn’t take long before she looked away. Then in a pouty voice, she said, “I don’t want to go. Can’t I stay home?”

        “No, little one, no, you may not. Tonight you are going with me to the club. End of story!” Maryam turned to leave, but before she was out the door, she added, “wear the black leather outfit.”

        Grumbling, Jenny’s reply was snarky. “harrumph, I don’t want to go! I don’t want to wear a black outfit!” She emphasized displeasure by throwing a magazine across the room and stomping her feet on the bed.

         The storm Jenny saw in Maryam’s eyes had her instantly regretting the outburst. So when Maryam pointed and snapped, “Corner now!” she jumped up and practically ran to the corner indicated. It only took the sound of Maryam clearing her throat for Jenny to lower her slacks and panties. Jenny’s body tensed when she sensed Maryam’s approach. “Little one, I will not tolerate you throwing a tantrum. I’m sorry you don’t want to go tonight, but I’m not comfortable leaving you home alone.”    “Now, think about how you could have handled this without a tantrum. I’ll be back shortly.”

         Jenny sighed when Maryam left the room. No matter how often she had to stand facing the wall, it never got easier—giving her no choice but to think. And right now, her cheeks grew warm, thinking of her behavior. Jenny felt selfish for thinking of herself and ignoring Maryam’s feelings. From their first meeting, Maryam seemed to put Jenny’s needs above hers. She began fighting back the tears that were filling her eyes.

         Maryam stood in the doorway watching Jenny for several minutes. Taking a deep breath, she quietly entered; Maryam walked up to the girl placing a gentle hand on her shoulder before asking. “Are you ready, little one?” The tears building in Jenny’s eyes left a wet trail down her cheeks at the sound of concern in Maryam’s voice. Maryam wrapped her arms around the girl and let her cry until her tears dried.

          Jenny wanted to stay wrapped in the older woman’s embrace and snuggled in a  comfortable cocoon of Maryam. A loving, safe place still so new it was hard to believe it to be real. Unfortunately, Jenny’s tears dried soon, and Maryam was ready to move forward. Jenny felt herself as Maryam pulled them apart and then led the way over to the bed. Jenny watched as Maryam sat down, and her tummy fluttered. Maryam took a moment to look into Jenny’s eyes, making the girl squirm, before asking. “Ok little one, I understand that today has been very stressful but throwing a fit. You know that is unacceptable.”

          Jenny agreed by bobbing her head in and down.

          “Use your words, please,” Maryam instructed.

          She felt her mouth go dry but managed the words needed. “Yes, ma’am.” then, when Maryam said, “over you go.” Jenny stretched herself across Maryam’s thighs and tried to get as comfortable as possible.

         Once she stopped fussing, Maryam rested a hand on Jenny’s bare cheeks and began to lecture. “Let me explain why it’s essential that you come with me tonight. You see, I have a very important client, and I need to concentrate. Now, I don’t think your husband will show up here; even so, I’m not willing to chance you being home alone if he does.”

         “I’m so sorry. I’ll go, Maryam. I don’t want you to worry.” Jenny wished she had agreed from the start. She felt awful, throwing a tantrum.

         “It’s alright, little one. I’m going to spank you now. When we finish, the slate will be clean; then, we can prepare for tonight.” Jenny felt Maryam’s hand lift, only to land sharply on her bare bottom.

          Jenny’s breath caught then she cried out. “Owie,” as a few more swats followed, Jenny became animated and more vocal. “Please stop; I’ll be good.” Swat, swat, “Nooo, please, ouchie!”

          The yelling didn’t bother Maryam, but when Jenny moved her legs wildly, Maryam targeted the backs of the girl’s thighs. Slap, slap, slap, “Settle, your legs!” Maryam snapped. Slap, slap.

          “I’ll try; please stop!” Jenny cried out while trying to force her legs to still. Luckily she could slow them enough to have Maryam’s hand leave her thighs and return to her pink bottom. Swat, swat, swat. Once Jenny’s cheeks glowed a bright red, Maryam delivered a stinging finally to Jenny’s sit spots. The girl was beside herself, trying to escape the burning onslaught. She squirmed, shimmied, begged, and cried, but none of that made any difference. Maryam would only stop when Maryam was ready.

         Soon the sounds in the room became those of sniffles and hiccups, and the paddle-like hand was now soft and comforting. The pair remained in position, both almost too exhausted to move. Finally, when Jenny stirred, Maryam reached down and then pulled the girl up and onto her lap. Jenny hissed and wiggled, “Owie, Maryam, I don’t think I can sit.”

          Maryam laughed softly. “Settle down, little one; you can sit for a few minutes.” Her strong arms wrapped around the girl. Given no choice, Jenny stopped fussing and cuddled. “That’s my good girl.” Jenny beamed at the compliment and let out a contented sigh.

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