Chloe’s escape part five

     The documents seized from Carole’s belongings provided the police with plenty of evidence. They were able to piece together a pretty tight case of human trafficking. The group extended far beyond the four initially arrested in Chloe’s apartment. Although she was now safe, Chloe was becoming quite nervous returning home. Spending time with Sophie and Remi felt natural; Chloe couldn’t imagine having better friends.

      Although the police cleared Chloe to return to her apartment, she waited nearly a week to make a move. She would have stayed longer, but she didn’t want to lie to either Sophie or Remi. Sophie realized something was going on with the girl, so she watched her closely. She’d seen the same type of behavior in Remi when she had something she had to do but was reluctant to do it. Finally, over dinner, Chloe informed her two new friends that she’d be moving back to her apartment the following day.

     Both ladies picked up on the sad, nervous catch in Chloe’s voice and glanced at each other. They were pretty fond of the girl and enjoyed having her stay here. They even discussed having her stay on if she wanted, but their lifestyle was different, and not everyone understood. If Chloe were to stay, she would be subject to some of the same guidelines. Remi spoke up first, “That’s good, I bet you’ll be happy to have your own space again?” Chloe shrugged her shoulders. “Well Sophie and I will certainly miss having you around. Don’t be a stranger girl, we’ll be expecting you for dinner every chance you get.”

      Softly Chloe agreed, “I will.” Then she was quiet for the rest of the meal, barely acknowledging when asked a question. Right after dinner, Chloe retreated upstairs to her room. Remi watched as she left; it broke her heart to see the girl struggling. She wanted to take away the girl’s worry and anxiety.

     “Sophie, she’s afraid to go back to the apartment, we should insist she stay here.” Remi said.

     “I know she is, but she also has to face her fears. We can go with her tomorrow and if she doesn’t want to stay we’ll help her move. Remi she has to at least try.”

     At times it amazed Remi how smart and thoughtful her wife was. “Oh Sophie you’re right. I just hate to see her so worried.”

     “I do too. I thought she was going to burst into tears several times tonight.” Sophie said while shaking her head. “Come on dear, let’s have our tea on the porch.” Remi was only too happy to enjoy the night with Sofie.

     Chloe was surprised when Sophie told her that both she and Remi were going to help her move back to the apartment. She had only brought one suitcase, so it shouldn’t be too hard. However, the lease was technically in Carole’s name, so Chloe would have to talk to the landlord. Also, she didn’t know what to do with Carole’s belongings. Truthfully, Chloe didn’t want anything to do with Carole or her stuff and was not ready for another roommate. Maybe she should move into a one-bedroom.

     Remi drove Chloe and Sophie followed in her car. At first, Chloe thought it was strange taking two cars but then figured maybe she had plans after dropping her off. Walking into the building, Chloe felt a little weak, then the closer she came to her apartment, she began to shake. Remi stayed close to her side for reassurance. “You’re ok girl, just relax. You’re gonna be fine kid.”

     Sophie took the key and opened the door; Chloe practically panicked once she stepped inside. Then she cried out, “Remi I can’t live here. What am I gonna do, I can’t stay here.” Chloe grabbed hold of Remi and cried into her chest.

     Remi stood, trying to comfort the girl until Sophie spoke up. “Ok, let’s pack your things. You belong at home with us.” Chloe couldn’t believe her ears; she slowly glanced at Sophie. “You heard me, come on we got some packing to do.”

     Without skipping a beat, she left Remi’s chest and flung herself into Sophie’s arms. “Really? Are you sure?” Chloe looked up with so much hope, and it almost broke Sophie’s heart.

     “Yes girl, but remember if you live in our house, you follow our rules.” Sophie gave the girl a stern look before smiling. Chloe now understood why Remi and Sophie drove; they were planning to move her back home. Chloe’s heart soared once she realized. Luckily, the furniture was Carole’s, and they were able to stuff all Chloe’s belongings in the two cars. Remi went to the landlord with Chloe to return the keys and advise him of her departure.

     Back at the house, Sophie sat Chloe at the table to discuss the rules of the house now that she was no longer a guest. First, they agreed on a price Chloe would pay for rent, and it was much lower than she expected, so she’d be able to build her savings. Next, together they set a curfew to understand that Chloe would let them know if her plans altered. Finally, she was to help with the chores around the house. There was also an understanding if Chloe didn’t follow the rules, there would be consequences. Sophie wanted to be very clear, so she emphasized this part. “Chloe you do know in this house we use spanking as a correction, right?”

     Chloe, embarrassed, lightly shook her head, but that was not what Sophie expected. “Girl, I need you to tell me you understand. And to be clear, spankings in this house are the old fashioned kind.” Getting a quizzical look from Chloe, Sophie clarified. “Girl that’s bare bottom.”

      Blushing, Chloe answered, “Um, I understand, but does it have to be bare?”

      Sternly Sophie replied. “Yes, dear, Don’t think just because Remi spanked you over clothes that’s how it will be. She didn’t know you then, now you’re family.”    “So are we good? Should we unpack your things? and get you settled” Chloe agreed, then together they went outside to where Remi had both cars almost empty.

     Remi asked. “You two get everything square?” Remi smiled when both women replied at the same time.

      Chloe knew she made the right decision immediately. Being an only child, she now had two big sisters. So her parents were pleased when Chloe called to tell them she’d moved and where. Especially after meeting Remi and then talking to Sophie on the phone. But it didn’t take Chloe long before she got herself into some real trouble.

     Living with the two women was terrific, and her confidence was returning, so when a group from work invited her out Friday night, she jumped at the chance. Chloe happily told Sophie about the invitation, then became slightly annoyed at Sophie’s reminder. “That’s great, I’m sure you’ll have fun. Now don’t forget about your curfew. And you call one of us if your plans change.” Chloe didn’t think much of the curfew because she was going out but just for a bit of dancing and planned to be home early.

    What Chloe failed to remember was how time flew by when she began dancing and flirting. The night had been exciting, and she was having a blast with her friends from work. Before Chloe knew it, the lights flickered, and the DJ announced the last call. Panic immediately followed when she realized she had missed her curfew. Although the group would gather at one of her friend’s houses for an after-party, Chloe needed to get home.

     First, she would send a quick text to Sophie, turning her phone on. She knew she was in trouble when several incoming texts popped up along with a worried call from Remi. So right away, Chloe sent back a text, “I’m ok, just lost track of time. Heading home now.”

     Sophie responded immediately, “Do you need us to come get you? Have you been drinking?”

     “No thanks, I’m sober.” Then quickly added. “Sorry to cause you worry.”

     Chloe sighed, reading Sophie’s response. “We will discuss it when you get home.” Chloe’s hand flew to her bottom right away as she thought, Oh boy, Sophie is not happy. The drive home felt ominous, and the twenty-minute ride seemed much shorter. Sophie had unlocked the front door, and when Chloe entered, Sophie was sitting on the couch waiting.

     Chloe began to apologize, but a stern-looking Sophie cut her off. “It’s late and I would rather not hear excuses. Go upstairs take a quick shower then put on your pj’s. I’ll be up in ten minutes, come on move it.” Sophie clapped her hands and shooed the girl away. Chloe, slightly scared, jumped then ran up the stairs. Then, not wanting to incur any further trouble, she took the fastest shower ever and was sitting on the bed waiting when Sophie entered.

     The look of terror on Chloe’s face gave Sophie pause, but it wasn’t enough to deter her. Sophie went and grabbed the straight back chair from the corner, sat down then called the girl over. Chloe, ready to burst into tears, made her way toward Sophie on legs that now felt like rubber. Halfway across the carpeted floor, Chloe lost her resolve, and tears flowed, so by the time she made it to Sophie, she was a mess.

     Sophie tapped her lap, indicating for Chloe to sit. Chloe did as instructed, and as she sat, she tried apologizing, but her words came out jumbled. “S~oh~ie, I~I’m s~or~ry. I l~os~t t~ra~ck of t~i~me.”

     “Shh, I know little one. It’s good that your sorry but Remi and I were really worried. In the future we expect you to be more considerate.” At this point, Chloe was calming down. Sophie decided to continue as it was already late. “Ok, little one, It’s late so let’s get you up and over.” Chloe unfolded herself, and right before she lowered herself over Sophie’s lap, she felt her pajama bottoms tugged down. Embarrassed being bare and exposed, she quickly layover Sophie’s thighs.

     That did nothing to squash her embarrassment, especially when Sophie’s hand perched on her bottom. The feeling only lasted until Sophie’s steel hand rose then landed repeatedly, leaving many red prints in their wake. The pain was like nothing she ever felt before, even compared to the spankings Remi gave. Her hand reached back to block the onslaught, only to be verbally scolded and have Sophie’s non-swatting arm clasp hers in a vise-like grip.

     Chloe, now trapped, tried to beg her way free, but Sophie was true to her mission. This little girl broke a curfew and caused unnecessary worry, so she now had to follow through. Sophie’s swats had a rhythm right one two three, left one two three, then onto the girls sit spots. Red prints overlapped each other, creating a solid red bottom with splashes of purple. Every time Chloe’s legs became too animated, a swat would land on the back of her thigh.

     Soon the night and her emotions caught up, and Chloe went limp; Sophie added a quick barrage of swats to bring the spanking to an end. Because of the late hour, Sophie lifted the lifeless girl and carried her over to the bed. She pulled the covers back and lay the exhausted girl in the bed, softly cooing while tucking her in. Sophie sat on the edge of the bed, lightly rubbing the girl’s back until there was no doubt sleep took over.

     Back in their room, Remi sat up in bed when Sophie entered. Seeing the weariness on her wife’s face, Remi tapped the bed indicating for her to sit. She could see the toll it took on her wife to deal with the girl. Although Sophie was more dominant than switch, dealing with the inexperienced Chloe was draining. The girl needed to be aware of not only her surroundings but her responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to adhere to the house rules.

     When Chloe woke, her bottom was throbbing; as she reached back, she remembered why. Immediately, a feeling of embarrassment washed over her. Carefully, she got up from the bed, stripping out her nightshirt, pausing in front of the mirror on her way to the shower. Two bright red orbs shined back at her; she let her fingers gently examine each cheek. Sitting was going to be a challenge, she thought. In the shower, she aimed cool water at her cheeks, hoping to ease some soreness.

     After stalling for as long as she could, it was now time to face Sophie and Remi. Downstairs in the kitchen, Sophie was working on a crossword puzzle while Remi was reading the comics. Chloe wasn’t sure what kind of reception she’d receive, so she stood at the kitchen door for a full minute before Sophie looked up. Setting the paper down, Sophie signaled the girl over. “Come here, Little one.” And to Chloe’s chagrin, she slightly pulled her chair back, making room for Chloe to sit on her lap. Sophie tugged the girl’s arm giving her no other options to cooperate.

      Leaving Chloe shocked and slightly embarrassed. Those feelings quickly changed when she allowed herself to listen. “You fell asleep before we could talk. Little one, I can see you’re uneasy this morning. Let me reassure you, we’re here for you no matter what, the good and the bad. You little one are stuck with us, and yes that means on occasion problems arise, like last night, but we deal with them and move on. Now tell me, Are we good?” Chloe took a moment, then gave the nod; Sophie added, “Little one, please use your words.”

     Looking over at Remi, then back to Sophie, Chloe smiled as she answered. “Yes, I’m good.” The two women hugged briefly.

     Then Sophie swatted lightly at Chloe’s butt before instructing, “ok up you go. There’s still coffee in the pot, get yourself a mug. Then you can tell us all about your night.”

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I know plenty of brats with talents for trouble. 😉
Maybe she leaves her chores last minute and tries to cheat by hiding stuff in a closet. Not that I have done that…

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