Destiny’s Drama I

Part one

The door flung open with such force Adele stumbled. “Ginger. What is going on? Oh, Don’t tell me; she’s at it again.” shaking her head, Adele wasn’t in the mood tonight. The party had been Destiny’s idea in the first place. She was only going to appease her wife. Looking toward the staircase, Adele said to her mother n law, “I’d better go and figure it out.”
Entering the bedroom, Adele could barely detect Destiny lying under the covers on their king-size bed. The lighting in the room was dim, so she flicked the switch on before asking, ”Destiny, Why are you in bed? Are you sick?” stepping further into the room, Adele proceeded the few steps to their bed and pulled the comforter away from her wife. Annoyed when she received no response, she snapped, ”Little lady, you had better answer me!”
The little brat answered with a barely audible snarl, ”I’m not going. Leave me alone!” then pulled the comforter back over her head.
Now that might work in some relationships but not in this one. Adele pulled the comforter back once again, then immediately flipped her snippy little wife over and landed a series of swats to her derriere. This action got the full attention for which she was looking. ”Owe! Owe! Quit hitting me! Adele! Stop!”
”Are you ready to answer me correctly?” Adele asked with her hand resting on the now wounded derriere.
”Yes! Just let me up first.” Destiny said while struggling to get up but, more importantly, away from her wife’s paddle-like hand. The shear strength her wife possessed seemed to surprise her even after so many years together. Rubbing her bottom, Destiny pouted. ”you didn’t have to be so mean.”
Adele held back a chuckle; She wasn’t letting Destiny joke her way around whatever was going on. She was bound and determined to get to the bottom of today’s little scene. Destiny sometimes became overly dramatic when she felt wronged in some way. Adele did not care for the drama and rarely thought it warranted this much of a display.
Once out of reach, or so she thought, Destiny replayed her earlier conversation. “I was on the phone with Charlie, and I was telling her about my new dress. I explained its beautiful green shade and told her how excited I was to be wearing such an original color. Well, then she said she has a green dress and would probably wear it now. I know she said that just made me mad, so I hung up on her. I don’t want to go anymore.”
Destiny looked over to her wife, expecting sympathy, and was shocked when she received a frown. ”Little lady, you are lucky we don’t have time right now because if we did, I would put you over my knee and warm that bottom-up.”
Destiny let her lip fall into a deeper pout. How could Adele not understand? She spent forever finding the perfect dress, and now everything’s ruined. ”What? You don’t understand Adele, I can’t go now. Charlie is going to wear the same color dress.” getting only a stern glare, Destiny stomped her foot defiance. ”I’m not going!”
Folding her arm across her chest, Adele corrected. ”That is where you are mistaken. You will be going tonight and you have fifteen minutes to get dressed or you’re wearing whatever you have on at that point.” Destiny, with her righteous indignation, tried to stand up against her wife, mimicking her stance. ”You now have fourteen minutes. I’m sure no one else will be wearing pajamas, so keep it up, and you’ll get your wish.”
”Adele, you wouldn’t?” The question came out in a squeak with less confidence than she had just a minute ago.
An evil smile crossed Adele’s face, causing a shiver to run up Destiny’s spine before she responded. ”Go ahead and try me; it will make my evening more fun. By the way, you now have twelve minutes.”
In a state of panic, Destiny scrambled to their walk-in closet. There was no way she could be ready in twelve minutes. But she knew her wife was not bluffing and would drag her to the party in pajamas. She was running the brush through her hair when Adele eased up behind her and whispered. “two minutes.” She hadn’t put any makeup on, so she scooped up what she would need and dumped it into her bag. She would be applying that in the car. Hopefully, they didn’t hit any potholes. Then she ran back into the closet to retrieve her matching heels. Better put those on before Adele made her go barefoot.
Breathless, Destiny was as ready as possible when Adele declared times up. ”Ok little lady, it’s time. I’ll advise you not to drink too much tonight. We will be discussing this tantrum when we get home.” before Destiny could argue, she added, ”You may want to watch your step from here on.”
The look Adele pinned on Destiny had her gulping back a retort. She was already dreading the party, and now she was dreading coming back home. In the car, Destiny was able to put her makeup on halfway decently. And while the car was quiet, she took the opportunity to apologize. “Adele, I’m sorry, I know I screwed up. Please forgive me.” almost afraid of what she’d see. Destiny looked over at Adele’s face; when the fury from earlier was gone, she let out a breath.
“I do forgive you, but little lady, that is not the end of your punishment. We will still be chatting later.” Adele reached for Destiny’s hand and squeezed it.
The spanking would be hard to take, but she could handle that as long as Adele forgave her. Although unwarranted, Destiny held on to a fear of losing Adele, especially when she couldn’t control her behavior. Sometimes like tonight, for instance, her mind would cling to the most insignificant detail. It didn’t matter that Charlie wore the same color dress; she could kick herself for throwing a fit over it.
They walked into the party together, greeted by their host Leslie, partner of the infamous Charlie. Destiny surprised Leslie, ”I’m sorry I’m wearing the same color as Charlie, but she only told me today what color she was wearing. Although I wish she told me last week when first told her about my dress.”
Leslie replied, ”No worries, What? Charlie is wearing a red dress, not green.” after seeing the look of confusion cross Destiny’s face, Leslie had a suspicious feeling. Her girlfriend had a habit of stirring up trouble, which she was actively working to end. ”Let me talk to her and see what’s going on. I don’t even think she owns a green dress. Why don’t you two help yourselves to a cocktail.”
A few minutes later, Leslie found Charlie in the kitchen, setting up a tray of appetizers. Sidling up beside Charlie, she whispered, ”What’s this I hear about you wearing a green dress tonight? Is that something new? I don’t remember seeing one hanging in the closet.”
The gentle way Leslie asked the question, Charlie knew. ”Oh, Honey, I was just teasing. You know, having a little fun with Destiny.” biting her lip, She waited. Although she had been pretty good lately, she also knew by teasing her friend today; she was crossing a line.
”Don’t. Oh, honey, me, young lady. In about ten minutes, you are going to see just how much fun it is to tease. Now go set that tray on the table out there, then meet me upstairs in my office.
”B-but, Leslie, The party? We can’t leave. We have to mingle.” Charlie gulped back a sob; oh no, she messed up. ”Come on, Leslie, pl-please not now.”
Snapping, Leslie was not in the mood to hear backtalk, so she directed through clenched teeth. “You know better. One!” counting was a bad sign; Charlie picked the tray up and almost stumbled out the door. Immediately she placed it on the table and hurried up the stairs to Leslie’s office. Once in the office, she knew to remove her dress and put herself in the corner.
No sooner had she put her nose to the wall had the door creaked open. Standing in the corner, she silently prayed it wasn’t a guest wandering in. She didn’t dare turn and look; although tempted, she stayed staring at the wall. Her palms began to sweat, and her heart raced faster as time passed. She wanted to shift her feet, but if Leslie were there like she thought, any shifting wouldn’t be worth it.
Lost in thought, Charlie jumped at the sound of Leslie’s voice. It wasn’t loud, but there was a hint of annoyance, ”Charlie, Come here.” There was just enough sternness to cause her to shiver as she turned away from the corner. A glance was all that was needed to pick up the pace and hurry to her side. ”Now, let’s be quick. We have guests. Drop your panties and put your hands on the chair’s seat and that butt I want up nice and high.”
Immediately Charlie did as directed while dread formed like a pit in the belly; nothing good ever happened in this position. Leslie never allowed her to see the implement that was about to kiss the curves of her bottom. She preferred to keep that as a dreaded surprise, only enabling the sting to introduce its presence.
Unfortunately, Charlie’s butt received a hint when Leslie rubbed the long leather strands along each cheek; that light touch had her trembling. Leslie yielded a tawse when she wanted to make a point and be quick about it. In her mind, Charlie tried to tell herself it would be ok, but she had some significant doubts.
The softness of the leather against her cheeks ended abruptly. Leslie pulled her arm back in an arc and brought the leather strands down. Each of the three tails left matching red welts across the entire width of Charlie’s bottom. Unrelentingly, Leslie brought the tawse down six more times before she was satisfied. Charlie, with tears running, falling, and puddling on the chair beneath her, was struggling to keep her cries low enough the guests downstairs wouldn’t hear.
Leslie helped Charlie stand and quickly embraced her lover while wiping her tears away. The embrace was short-lived, ”Ok little girl, We have a party downstairs, so you get yourself cleaned up, then back downstairs to our guests.” ”Tomorrow, we will be discussing your desire to tease and stir up trouble. I don’t think you’ll be sitting comfortably for the foreseeable future. Now hurry up, no dawdling.”
With a little sniffle and hiccup, “yes, ma’am,” Charlie hurried off to the bathroom. Quickly doing as directed because Charlie knew Leslie was not making a suggestion. As she was reapplying makeup, she worried how many of their guests heard her cries and worse, the crack of that deadly tawse? Oh well, there was nothing she could do to change that now; she’d hold her head high and hope for the best.
Downstairs, Destiny heard strange sounds coming from upstairs; although not positive, she was pretty sure she recognized them; her ears strained to hear better. Spanking was one of the few things that bonded her and Charlie, luckily something Charlie earned more often than her. They were both brats, but Charlie would too often add a touch of meanness and always at the most inopportune times. Destiny enjoyed the battiness, but sometimes Charlie’s behavior crossed the friendship line.
The sight of Leslie at the top of the stairs had Destiny scrambling to find the security her wife provided. Not that she needed protection from Leslie, but she felt a little vulnerable after eavesdropping a few minutes ago. When Adele felt Destiny’s body attach itself, she figured something was up. Either she got into trouble or was embarrassed by something or someone. So Adele excused them from the group and found a quiet spot to have a chat. “Ok, What’s up, sweetheart?” looking into now shy eyes, she added. “Are we going to have to leave early?”
Right away, Destiny sputtered, ”Nooo, I promise. I was just embarrassed. I think I heard, well, oh Adele; I think Charlie was getting, well, you know. Then when I saw Leslie coming, I don’t know, I just got spooked. Please don’t say anything.”
Adele wrapped her arms tightly around her wife and whispered, ”It appears my little girl has been eavesdropping.” adding in a more teasing tone, she said, ”What are we going to do about this naughty behavior?”
Destiny added with a little too much desperation and a slight whine. ”Adele, no, it wasn’t like that. I wasn’t. I just heard something when I was walking by.” Thankfully she saw the smile that flashed across her wife’s face and was able to catch her breath and laugh along. ”That’s not funny, Adele; I can’t take any more trouble. I want to be able to sit comfortably again.”
”Alright, let’s mingle; you can tell me all about it when we get home.”

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