Gloria’s summer gathering

   Gloria invited Henna and Rita to her Annual summer gathering. Rita was a bit nervous because she would be meeting many of Henna’s friends for the first time and wouldn’t be arriving with Henna. Since the start of this tradition, Henna made a point to arrive early to help Gloria and her wife set up. Typically Rita had no problem arriving at a party alone, but this was different. Henna tried to reassure her and insisted her friends would love her, but until they met, she’d worry.

     Pulling up in front of Gloria’s house fifteen minutes early, Rita was surprised when Henna raced outside, giggling like a schoolgirl. At first, she thought the girl had been drinking, then smiled when she said. “Rita! You’re here! I’ve missed you so much.” then she was excited herself when their lips met. “Mmmm.” With the greeting out of the way, Henna grabbed Rita’s hand, dragging her inside. Gloria laughed at the display; although she knew these two would complement each other, she was delighted to be correct.

     Gloria greeted Rita with a hug, “Hi Rita, I see you’re taking care of this one.” pointing to Henna.

     Rita smiled as Henna blushed; she knew what Gloria was saying. “Oh yes, Gloria, you were right. This little imp needs a lot of attention. I plan to see she gets all she needs.” Gloria tapped the girl’s bottom, causing her to squirm.

     “Ok, you two. Are you done with this little game? Or are you going to be teasing me all night?” Henna smiled; she loved the attention, but she wanted to end this subject before guests arrived. Although some of her friends knew of her love of spanking, she wasn’t comfortable being teased over the issue.

     “Sorry babe, We were only playing. I haven’t seen Rita since the two of you got together.”  Gloria hugged the girl. “By the way, I’m delighted you’re happy.” Henna knew Gloria was sincere. Right then, Gloria’s wife came down the stairs. “Perfect timing, Sandi. Let me introduce you to my friend and Henna’s girlfriend, Rita.” Gloria looked at the two women confirming the title. Getting a nod, she proceeded. “Remember I introduced them a few weeks back?”

     Sandi, a tall, slender woman dressed in a flowery sundress, glided up to Rita. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” then teased. “You’ve got you’re work cut out for you with this spitfire.”

     Henna pretended to be embarrassed by the comment. “Sandi?” in truth, these women were a source of strength she ran to whenever the world became overwhelming. It wasn’t unusual to be over one of their knees receiving a lecture or some guidance. Henna cherished and respected both ladies and knew they felt the same. Just then, guests began to arrive. Henna proudly introduced Rita to each new arrival as her girlfriend, smiling as they gushed over how striking a couple they made.

     Right away, Rita felt comfortable as she mingled among the guests. Every once in a while, catching Henna’s eye and smiling or winking. Henna was helping keep the guests happy, refilling drinks, and clearing glasses. She’d stop for a quick chat then move on, cleaning as she went along. Passing the bar, she noticed Gloria and Sandi a little flustered because they were running out of ice and both of their cars were in the garage and there were cars parked in the driveway.

     Henna had no problem volunteering to pick up some ice with Rita’s help. To herself, she thought they could sneak off for a quick make-out session. Grateful, Sandi handed over a twenty along with a warning. “Now, remember we only have one bag left, so hurry back. Don’t stop too long to make out with your girlfriend.” Henna blushed; Sandi always had a way of knowing her thoughts.

     Henna left the woman as they giggled over the blushing girl and found Rita after a quick search. Once she explained the situation, Rita was only too happy to help. Henna told her about Sandi’s comment on the way to the car, but instead of laughing, she feigned sternness. “Young lady, were you trying to weasel out of your responsibility?” Rita was Shaking her head, but her following sentence brought a happy shiver to Henna. “We may have to make a quick stop to deal with your naughtiness.”

     “But ma’am, The ice? It will melt.” Rita almost lost it with Henna’s expression of innocence.

     “Hmm, It’s a good thing we haven’t picked it up yet. I believe I know the perfect spot for our chat.” on her way over, Rita saw an empty parking lot. The store must have been closed on Sundays. Two minutes later, she was pulling into a parking spot away from the building. Rita left the engine running, directed Henna. “Backseat, and hurry, little girl, we don’t have time for games.” Henna scurried over the back seat while Rita used the door.

     Trying not to smile, Henna said. “Sorry, ma’am. I’ll be good.”

     Rita moved to the center of the backseat before directing the girl over her lap. “Naughty girl, I’ll teach you to neglect your responsibilities.” lifting the girl’s sundress to uncover the panty-clad bottom, Rita almost forgot her mission. Shaking impure thoughts from her brain, Rita raised her hand and got to work. The swats were crisp and sharp, landing one right after the other. After the first thirty or so swats, Henna was frantic. Her butt felt like it would combust at any minute, but the next thirty, she was sure it was on fire. Of course, Rita’s spanking play or not had her gasping, and right now was no exception.

     Once finished, Rita tapped the girl’s bottom; “ok, let’s go. We have work to do.”

     Henna pouted as she lifted herself. “Not fair! I didn’t even get a cuddle.”

     Sternly Rita asked. “Are you pouting little girl?”

     Reaching for her bottom, Henna tried denying the obvious. And with lip jutted out added. “No, ma’am.”

     Rita laughed, pulling the girl into her embrace and kissing the pout away before saying. “Enough, move it now!” the landing a swat to the sore cheeks.

     Henna hurried out the door and carefully sat in the front seat. Henna wiggled on the car ride to the store. Unloading the ice, Henna tried to put a bag in the front seat but received a stern look before putting it with the rest in the trunk. After bringing the ice inside and dumping it into the coolers, Rita’s hands were freezing, so she carefully wrapped her arms around Henna, placing her cold hand on her warm cheeks. The moan of pleasure that escaped Henna’s lips was audible. Gloria entered the room, adding a little teasing comment. “Looks like you two stopped along the way.”

     Henna blushed, but Rita went with it, “You know naughty girls need attention.” then, smiling,  she added, “especially this naughty one.”

     Breaking free, Henna kissed Gloria on the cheek then winked before whispering. “You and the fortune-teller were both right.”

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