Sitting in the dark..



Sitting in the dark, Carly stared at the screen, unable to sleep because she was unwilling to admit her feelings of inadequacy to Vivian. Even before their relationship began evolving into something ‘more,’ Carly was drawn to Vivian’s dominating solid personality. Accustomed to being the head of her little family, Carly struggled with the changing dynamic.

She loved giving up control to Vivian in some areas but not so much when it concerned the girls. Carly was the oldest of the three sisters and had been in charge even before their parent’s abandonment. Although it felt good to have Vivian’s help, her dominant nature left Carly feeling like she was losing control.

The girls also noticed although they never said anything, their actions spoke volumes. Slowly they began either asking Vivian’s permission or glancing toward Vivian for confirmation of things Carly said. Betty had Vivian sign her homework the other night, and Kimberly, instead of asking Carly for permission to have a sleepover with her friends, asked Vivian.

This behavior was subtle but becoming more frequent, and Carly wasn’t even sure Vivian noticed. To Vivian, this probably seemed normal with her strong personality, but it wasn’t normal to Carly. She worked too long and too hard raising these girls to let someone else take the lead, plus what if things didn’t work out with Vivian?

The more Carly fretted about this, the worse she felt, losing more sleep from worry. As this went on, she became irritable with everyone. Her short answers made things worse, and instead of asking her anything and getting snapped at, the girls went to Vivian. Each time this happened, Carly worried, lost more sleep, and became irritable.

Vivian getting the cold shoulder, Tried pulling Carly aside for a conversation, but Carly had herself closed off. Vivian decided to step back and give Carly space, thinking that Carly would find her when she was ready to talk.

After the second week of silence, except for the short bursts of angry responses, Vivian had had enough and was more determined than ever to get answers. So deciding the next time Carly copped an attitude at work, she would find out what was going on.

Vivian didn’t have to wait long; the following day, after listening to Carly snap at Sally, her coworker and friend. “I said I’ll do it, and I will! Just leave me alone, Sally!”

Sally retreated to the other side of the flower shop. Two weeks of this attitude was more than she cared to take. She didn’t even feel sorry as she watched Vivian enter the room, making a beeline for Carly.

Eyes filled with fury, Vivian grabbed Carly’s arm, then, spinning the girl around, landed several very hard swats to her bottom. Once she had the full attention of her girlfriend, Vivian directed. “UPSTAIRS NOW! When I get there, your nose had better be in the corner.” stunned but not stupid, Carly flew up the steps.

Vivian shook her head as she watched Carly practically fly, then, turning to Sally, asked. “Can you handle things down here for a while?”

Sally, usually more sympathetic to Carly, also had enough. “Please take your time. That girl has even pushed my buttons over the past few weeks. If you don’t take care of her, I may have to.” with that, she shooed Vivian up the stairs to deal with her girlfriend.

Carly stood facing the space where the two walls met as thoughts of the past few weeks came thundering back. Among them was the worry over the impending spanking but mixed with more profound ideas that Vivian wouldn’t want to date her anymore.

Tears were now too much to hold in and came pouring down her cheeks. When Vivian entered the room, she was shocked to witness Carly sobbing uncontrollably, shoulders bouncing, as gasps of sniffling hiccups filled the room.

Upon seeing her lover in distress, Vivian immediately rushed to her side, scooping her up and carrying her to the couch. Sitting with Carly in her arms, she rocked her while cooing. “It’s okay, baby. Please talk to me; what’s going on? Why are you so upset?” when no immediate reply came, Vivian gave her a few more minutes to get control. But when those minutes still garnered no response, her Toppy self had enough.

Unmistakably stern, Vivian said, “Alright, little one, Enough crying; it’s time you told me what’s going on. You have ten seconds to start talking, or you’re going over my lap until you do.”

Well, ten seconds passed, and Vivian was good to her word. Over Carly went, pants yanked down right before the first slap landed. The second landed with still no response leaving Vivian to go on impulse and land a flurry of very hard swats until the little girl’s voice returned.

Through clenched teeth, Carly squealed. “Vi~vi~an, stop, p~l~ease. I’ll talk; please stop.” the swats ended, but Vivian kept a hand on the girl’s warm bottom. Sniffling, Carly whimpered, “Can I get up? Please. Vivian, and I need a tissue.” sniffle, hiccup, sniffle.

After helping Carly up and giving her a tissue, Vivian directed. “Why don’t you go wash up? Then when you come back, we can talk.” watching the younger girl hobble away, she added. “Don’t be dallying in there; Sally is downstairs all by herself.” Carly’s speed increased slightly, but she was still in no hurry for the coming conversation. She had no clue how to explain what she’s been feeling.

Sheepishly, Carly returned to Vivian, who was now seated on the couch, patiently waiting. Vivian tapped the spot on the couch next to her, encouraging Carly to sit.

Vivian waited a few moments before speaking, trying to give Carly a chance to start, but when Carly just sat looking down at her intertwined fingers, Vivian began. First, putting a finger under the younger girl’s chin, Vivian raised Carly’s head until they looked eyes to the eye. Searching those eyes, Vivian found no clues, only heartache.

“Carly, please, talk to me. Tell me, what’s going on? Why are you so unhappy?” silence. “Are you trying to tell me you don’t want to date anymore?”

Carly’s head flew up, shocked. “No, Vivian, Not at all. I, well, it’s, um, okay. I have a problem, but I don’t know how to say it.”

Vivian let out a breath; from the minute she asked about breaking up, she was scared of the response. “Sweetheart, the only way I can help is if you talk to me.” “Whatever it is, we’ll work it out. “

“Well, it’s the girls. It’s going to sound petty, but it’s not, I swear, Vivian. It’s the way they only ask you, not me if they can do this or that. They barely listen to me anymore. Vivian, I’m their guardian. I mean, I love that they are entirely comfortable with you, but it scares me too.” Carly quit talking for a minute before adding. “I’m sorry, Vivian. I don’t want to sound ungrateful; please don’t be mad.”

Now that Vivian knew the problem, she could work on fixing it. “Wow, Sweetheart, Honestly, I didn’t realize I was taking over.” before Carly could say anything more, she continued, “Okay, I can fix this; I wish you told me sooner. It seems you’ve lost a lot of sleep trying to figure this out on your own. Next time you have a problem, please talk to me.”

Sheepishly Carly asked, “So you’re not mad?”

“No, I’m not mad, but we are going to have a discussion with you over my knee for not communicating. But that can wait until this weekend when I sleepover.”

“Ugh, Vivian, do we have to?” Carly asked, although she already knew the answer. “Alright, what are we going to do about the girls?”

“That’s pretty easy; I’ll start directing them back to you, or I’ll make sure they see me checking with you for permission.” then, with a bit of a more serious tone, she added. “Carly, I’m sorry. I guess being in charge is so natural that I didn’t realize I was stepping on your toes. Can you forgive me?”

“Of course I can. Oh, Vivian, I was so worried.” Carly flung her arms around Vivian’s neck, kissed her lightly on the cheek, and then tried to stifle a yawn, but Vivian heard.

“Umm-hmm, Do you need a nap?” Then, with a bit of irritation, she added. “I should put you back over my knee right now.” “This weekend, we are also going to set a few ground rules on communicating with each other.”

“Vivian, I’m okay, just tired, but I’m okay; I think I’ll be able to catch up on my sleep tonight.” The last thing she wanted right now was another spanking.

Luckily, Vivian didn’t push. They still had a busy workday, and Sally was downstairs alone. “Okay then, let’s get back to work. We have orders to fill.” hand in hand, they made their way back to the shop, both feeling lighter.

Sally smiled but didn’t say anything. She subconsciously rubbed her butt, remembering the feeling of returning to work after one of Vivian’s spankings. In her case, Vivian agreed to give her a job with the condition they work together on ending her swearing habit. That usually included a sound spanking or, lately, the occasional swat when needed.

“Hey Sally, How far did you get? What do you want us to do?” Vivian inquired with a chuckle, sidling up to her employee and friend.

Friday, Vivian arrived with her weekend bag. Betty rushed over, arms wide, ready for hugs. “Vi~vi-an!! You’re here. Yeah. Can we order a pizza? Let me carry your bag.”

Carly stepped into the room, “Betty, easy, Let her in before you bombard her.”

“I want pizza. Can we please!” Betty pleaded to Vivian.

Vivian looked over to Carly before asking. “Hey, babe, Can we get pizza? Or are you cooking?”

Smiling back at her girlfriend, Carly said, “Sorry girls, not tonight. I’ve already got dinner cooking.”

Vivian added, “You heard the boss. Help me put my bag away, and while we do that, can you tell me about school? What’d you learn this week?” Betty’s face showed her trying hard to remember.

“Oh, Vivian, we learned a song about the states and capitals. Want me to teach you? I only remember the first part cause we have to be in groups.” Vivian giggled as Betty began her rendition of The 50 state song; she got as far as Hawaii, anyway.

“We can work on the rest this weekend,” Vivian promised.

Kimberly ran into the room, “Vivian, can Jessie sleepover? Please?”

Vivian suspected something was up when she asked. “Hmm, I don’t know hon, What did Carly say?” Kimmy became shy all of a sudden. “Kimberly? Have you already asked Carly?”

“She said no, but it’s not fair. I promised Jessie she could.” arms now folded in defiance.

“Enough with the attitude, young lady. You will just have to call Jessie and tell her not tonight. But first, you need to apologize to your sister. That was very naughty of you to ask me when she already said no.” Although she didn’t spank children, Vivian also didn’t put up with their attitude. “Go ahead, go talk to Carly.” The pre-teen sulked off toward the kitchen in search of her sister.

Later that night, after the girls were asleep, Carly lowered the TV volume while the commercial played. “Vivian, thank you for earlier.” getting a quizzical look, she continues. “You know, with the girls. I think you shocked them by referring back to me. And I can’t believe Kimmy thought it was okay to go over my head and ask you if she could have a friend over.” chuckle. “I thought it was perfect. You made her apologize.”

“You welcome, sweetheart.” Carly froze when Vivian added, “Now I think it’s time we get your spanking out of the way.” “Go and fetch the hairbrush. We can discuss some basic ground rules tomorrow.” Groaning, Carly made herself get up even though pleading her way out of this spanking was tempting. Experience told her stalling would only earn extra stingy swats.

Returning, Carly held out the hairbrush for Vivian, who took it and placed it on the seat before asking. “Please tell me, Why are you getting this spanking?” Carly hated this part, although she wasn’t thrilled about the spanking part, either. Grabbing both Carly’s hands, Vivian squeezed slightly to encourage,

“Vi-vi-an, please.” Swat landed before Carly knew what had happened. “Okay, ouch, I let myself worry instead of talking to you. And I didn’t sleep, and I was cranky. Ugh, I’m sorry, Vivian.”

While pulling Carly’s PJ shorts down to her ankles, Vivian noticed the absence of panties; a smile fought to her lips. “Okay, over, let’s get busy.” leaning over, Carly let Vivian guide her landing, then she wiggled in place, feet slightly in the air while her head rested precariously on the sofa. This position was never comfortable, especially once Vivian’s hand began its repetitive swatting motion.

Rubbing circles while occasionally squeezing each cheek, Vivian spoke. “Now, when we talk tomorrow, I want you to remember this spanking. And just so you know, if you ever close yourself off again, this spanking won’t compare to the one you’ll get.” Vivian raised her hand only to bring it down, peppering Carly’s bottom with swats, smacks, swats, smacks. Concentrating on the left cheek, swat, smack, swat, smack, and then the right cheek.

Carly was now squirming as each swat turned the heat up a notch. Sure her bottom would combust, Carly pleaded. “Vivian, please stop, stop, stop.” right before reaching back only to have her hand grabbed and the back of her thighs slapped several times.

“Carly, you know better. Now quiet down; you’ll wake the girls.” in reality, the girls could sleep through a train passing outside their window. Unfortunately, Carly was not in a state of mind to remember that. Her only thought was the explosion. She felt swats landing right after another, then a rub, again a swat, swat, swat. Soon Vivian’s hand was messaging each cheek, eliciting Carly’s occasional squeak and moan. Thinking it was over, Carly eased to the touch until Vivian reached over to pick up the hairbrush.

Realizing instead of Vivian’s hand messaging, it was the back of the hairbrush. Carly panicked, attempting to rise, only to be held down by a strong arm across her torso. “Nooo, Please, noooo.” The brush lifted, and pain shot through Carly’s backside as if a branding iron had landed. The smooth wood left red oval patches covering inch after inch with each hot smoldering lick.

Carly kicked for a while, but that was no help. She wiggled and shrieked, still no relief, finally giving in to the pain. She just lay limp, worn out from the entire ordeal. Vivian added a couple more swats, placed the brush beside her, and resumed messaging. This time she left Carly’s sizzling bottom alone and rubbed her girlfriend’s back until she began to calm down.

Slowly Vivian helped Carly up, and instead of seating her on her lap, she led the bare-bottomed girl to their bedroom, scooping up the discarded PJs along the way. Vivian pulled the covers back, tucking Carly in, then climbing beside her. Immediately, Carly snuggled tightly against Vivian breathing in her comforting scent before drifting off.

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