It’s too hot!!

      “ADELE! The cooler’s not working!” Destiny yelled as she was racing down the stairs.

      “Yes, dear, I guessed as much. Have you called the repairman? Or are you waiting for me to call?” Adele was irritated, but she was trying to stay calm. The weather had been scorching this week, and the forecast for the next few weeks wasn’t looking any better. The heat had them both on edge. The only savings grace was their central air, and now, with that out, tempers were sure to boil.

     “Yeah, I called, but they can’t come until the middle of next week. Adele, I can’t last that long.” Adele almost laughed at Destiny’s dramatic way of explaining. Luckily, she kept her expression stoic.

     “OK, then we’ll have to make do. Did you set all the fans out? Maybe getting the air circulating will help? Are all the windows open?” There was only so much they could do. “We can grill outside for the next few nights. It should be cooler out in the backyard.”

     Destiny was not as accommodating; she was miserable, so everyone around her had to be just as unhappy. “Adele, it’s hot outside too. Can’t we go to a hotel?”

     “No, we can not go to a hotel. We don’t have that kind of money to throw around.” Adele said. “Plus, I don’t even know if they can fix the cooler we have or if we will need a new one, and for that matter, can we even afford either option.” Adele felt terrible for the girl, but right now, she needed to change into something lighter.

     Destiny grumbled but not loud enough to make Adele mad. There was nothing Adele could do about the heat, and the high temperature wasn’t her fault. Unfortunately, feeling hot and sticky made her uncomfortable and cranky. Not a great combination for staying out of trouble, which she was sure this heat would bring.

     Adele tried to ease her girl’s mood, “How about we go camping this weekend? We can swim in the lake.”

     “No, I don’t want to. I’ll be hot and sticky, plus bugs.” Destiny whined.

     Adele threw her hands up; she could understand a bit of whining, but Destiny was coming close to disrespectful, and Adele was almost out of patience. “Little one, watch the attitude. You are close to being hot and sticky with a sore bottom.” to that threat, Adele added the look. When added to a warning, the look was usually enough to calm Destiny or at least get her thinking.

     Destiny saw the look but right now, she couldn’t make herself care. Pure self-preservation had her announcing. “I’m going outside.” grabbing the closest magazine off the table, she spun around and left. Adele, sweaty and annoyed, decided another cold shower would release some tension. If she stayed near Destiny, the little girl wouldn’t survive the spanking coming her way.

     The shower helped, and now that she was calmer, she’d start the grill. Maybe she could convince Destiny to help, but she wouldn’t hold her breath. Adele entered the back patio, felt the breeze, and knew the temperature had dropped at least ten degrees. Unfortunately, it was still sweltering, and the temperature inside hadn’t cooled but a few degrees. Adele made several trips back and forth until she had everything they needed for dinner.

      Adele set the table while the burgers cooked. Destiny nursed her misery as she volleyed between reading the magazine and playing on her phone. Once she had cooked the burgers, Adele called the girl over. “I’m not hungry.” again Destiny whined.

     “Little one, get your behind over here right now! If I have to come and get you, the entire neighborhood will hear you getting your behind spanked!” Destiny looked up and knew Adele was not joking. Destiny made her way to the table but not without huffing and puffing. As soon as she sat, Adele was at her side, one finger lifting the girl’s chin until their eyes met. “Are you sure you want to keep up the attitude?”

       Destiny Swallowed the lump that formed. “No, ma’am, I’ll be good,” then promised meekly. “I’m just hot.”

     “I know you’re hot; I am too. But this whiny attitude is not helping. Let’s, please, try to make the best of things. OK?”  receiving a nod, Adele let go of the girl’s chin. Handing over a burger, Adele said. “I got tonight; you cook tomorrow.”

      The next night was Thursday, and Destiny was so hot she didn’t even want to be around the grill’s heat, so she ordered a pizza. Her mood was slightly better, although the temperature was the same. She put one of their smaller TVs on a cart and wheeled it to the backyard. She wanted to do the same with their bed, but Adele shot down the idea. Sleeping in a tent was OK but not directly under the stars, plus Adele refused to drag a king-size bed down the stairs.

     At bedtime, Destiny tried once again to be allowed to sleep outside. “Destiny, get upstairs. You are not sleeping in the backyard.” Destiny made her way up the stairs, feet falling harder with each step. By the time she reached the bedroom door, Adele was waiting, hairbrush in hand. “Thats it. Enough with the attitude.” Adele’s hand grabbed hold of Destiny’s upper arm and dragged her across the room. Destiny tried to wiggle loose only to feel a swat with the brutal end of the hairbrush.

     Sitting on the bed, Adele unfastened Destiny’s pants before draping the squirming girl over her lap. Another hard swat landed. “Settled down, little girl!” setting the brush down, Adele pulled both pants and panties down before using her hand to light a small fire. Immediately the lecture began. “Whining is not going to make it colder. Stomping your feet is not going to either. Being rude, now that’s going to make you warmer.” swat swat swat.

     “Adele, stop, please, stop, I’ll be good, stop,” Destiny cried, but Adele had reached her limit. Destiny’s bottom got warmer and warmer; then, when she thought her cheeks would combust, Adele went for the hairbrush. “NO!ADELE!” Pleading made no difference; Adele kept a steady pace, one swat, one red blotch. A pattern repeated until Destiny’s entire bottom was a uniform red, and the little girl was exhausted. Adele laid the tired girl on the bed; she usually would cherish this time and cuddle with her wife, but the heat made that unbearable. Leaving the girl sleeping, Adele went to take yet another shower.

     Several hours later. Adele, half asleep, reached over, a move she made primarily out of habit. When her hand met an empty bed, she softly called out, no answer. She sat up looked around the room; no Destiny, but the light illuminated under the bathroom door. Yanking the sheet back, Adele slipped out of bed, searching for Destiny. Receiving no response caused worry to set in.

     Adele was shocked by the scene; Destiny was fast asleep in a tub filled with water. Furious, Adele rushed into the bathroom, ready to read her wife the riot act. Fury quickly turned to concern at seeing the girl shivering in her sleep. Adele put her hand in the water and found it was ice cold. Immediately, she reached in both arms lifting the girl out and carrying her back to the bed. After placing the shivering little body on the mattress, Adele rushed back to get a towel.

     Using the towel, Adele dried the girl then wrapped her in a blanket. Once Destiny was securely swaddled, Adele lay next to her, rubbing her hands over the girl’s body. Adele watched and rubbed until the shivering in her wife’s body calmed. Although the girl didn’t wake, her whimpers had Adele on edge. Awake most of the night, Adele needed advice. Generally, in control, Destiny’s behavior tonight gave her a scare. The only person possibly up this early would be their friend and fellow Top, Leslie. She sent a quick text. “Hey Leslie, Sorry to bother you, but if you’re up, can I borrow an ear?”

     Ten minutes later, if not less, Adele’s phone rang. It took several minutes and a few tears for Adele to explain the entire situation. She described how scared she felt seeing Destiny asleep in the tub, trying to calm the shivering body. Now that the initial scare was over, Adele didn’t know how to proceed. On the one hand, she wanted to blister the girl’s bottom, but on the other, she would like to hold and cuddle her, maybe never let go.

     Leslie listened, acknowledging Adeles feelings agreeing with both actions than when Adele was all talked out suggested. “First of all, You both need to pack a bag and stay with us. We have plenty of room, and we have a pool. Adele, before you try and argue, I’m not asking. I’ll have Charlie make up the guest room. You’ll have all the privacy you need if you decide to paddle that naughty bottom.”

      “Oh, Leslie, I think that’s a great idea. At least for a few days. I’ll come over after work, but I’d like it if Destiny could come over this morning. Maybe hang out with Charlie?” Once she had a plan, Adele’s felt more at ease; she set her alarm for one hour then climbed into bed. Destiny groaned when Adele’s alarm buzzed.

     Immediately Adele’s ire rose at the audacity of her wife to groan when she was able to sleep, and Adele’s sleep was interrupted with worry. Adele brought her open palm down hard on the girl’s bare backside, causing the girl to jump up, covering her bottom. “Adele! What was that for?”

     Adele stood shaking her head; of course, Destiny had no clue the worry she caused. Well, she was just about to find out. “Little one, let me refresh your memory. Do you remember getting up last night and taking a bath?” receiving a worried nod, Adele continued. “So you must also remember falling asleep in the tub?” shock crossed Destiny’s face. “So now I see it’s dawning on you.”

     “I’m sorry, Adele. I was so hot. I don’t remember falling asleep.” worry now etched across the girl’s face.

      Adele couldn’t control her emotions as she spoke. Her voice quivered. “You could have drowned. By the time I found you, the water was freezing, and you were shivering.” Destiny jumped up, wrapping her arms around Adele when tears began to stream down her cheeks.

     “I’m sorry, Adele, please don’t cry.” seeing Adele cry was so rare; Destiny wasn’t sure what to do. “I’m so sorry. Please. I’ll never scare you like that again.”

      Pulling away, Adele focused her gaze directly on Destiny before stating and, in the sternest tone Destiny could remember said. “You had better not ever do something so incredibly thoughtless again. If I ever catch you sleeping in the bathtub again. So, help me, little girl” Adele tried to shake off the feeling of terror just talking about it brought on. Destiny stood and watched as so many emotions crossed her wife’s face. Although she’d messed up plenty of times, this was the first time she couldn’t tell what her wife was thinking.

     Adele, now calmer, described their plans for the next few days. “Today, you are not going to work. So you will need to call and let them know. After that, I would like you to pack two bags, one for you and one for me. I spoke to Leslie this morning, and she offered us their guest room. I want you there by ten am. Charlie is off, so the two of you can hang out by the pool.” Destiny, shocked by her good fortune, couldn’t believe her ears. “You had better behave, little one.”

     Destiny was tongue-tied; if anything, she expected to be over Adele’s knee again, not told to hang out with her friend and go swimming. “Adele? I don’t understand. Am I in trouble?”

     “No, sweetheart, you are not in trouble. But, if I ever have to pull you out of the tub again.” That’s as far as Adele got before her emotions threatened to bubble over, and Destiny immediately threw herself into Adele’s arms.

     “OMG! I’m sorry, never again, I promise.” Destiny held Adele in a fierce grip, trying to convey the love she so desperately felt.

     “OK little one, I have to get dressed. I don’t want to be late for work. Now when you pack, don’t forget my bathing suit.” Adele knew she was overprotective, not letting Destiny go to work but watching the girl’s tiny frame shake the way it did last night, she didn’t care.

     “Adele, You got less sleep than me. Shouldn’t you call out too?” Destiny questioned, worried about her wife’s weariness and need for sleep.

     “I wish I could, but I have some crucial meetings today. I need to keep focused, so; please behave. I don’t have the energy for any more worry today.” Adele said as she finished getting ready.

     Feeling tightness in her chest, she felt her heartbreaking; Destiny said, “I’ll behave. Adele, I’m so sorry.” tears threatened to fall as she apologized. “Please be careful, Adele; I love you so much!”

     Seeing the emotions, Adele paused long enough to put her arms around her wife and whisper. “I love you more, Little one.” then, Patting the girl’s bottom, she added. “I’ve got to run.”

     Once Adele left, Destiny sighed; she could handle getting in trouble, but this was confusing as hell. She screwed up, caused Adele to lose a whole night of sleep and worry, but she got rewarded. Determined to make things right, Destiny retrieved both overnight bags, made sure not to forget a single thing then, at the last minute, added the hairbrush along with the paddle. Even while zipping the bag, Destiny knew bringing those things was purely a guilty response.

     When she rang the doorbell at ten on the dot, Charlie flung the door open. “Omg, it’s about time you got here. I couldn’t believe it when Leslie told me to prepare the guest room.” almost under her breath, she added. “I thought her parents were coming to stay.” allowing her eyes to roll, demonstrating how awful that would be. “But then she told me that you were coming. We are going to have so much fun.” Destiny was happy to see her friend but worried also. Charlie had a knack for getting into trouble, and she didn’t mind bringing Destiny along.

      Destiny gave her friend a quick hug. “Oh, Charlie, I messed up.”

      Charlie, only too ready to help, suggested, “Girl, let’s get your stuff put away, and you can tell me all about it.” then Destiny cringed when she heard Charlie’s following words. “Leslie said Adele was spooked this morning.” Noting the color leave Destiny’s face, Charlie nervously tried to backtrack. “But she was OK after they spoke. And I think staying here will be good for you both.”

     Sitting on the bed, Charlie shivered as she saw Destiny unpack the hairbrush and paddle. Although, upstairs in her room lay plenty of cringe-worthy implements belonging to both her and her girlfriend. “So, are you in trouble?” Charlie asked, motioning toward the paddle.

     Shaking her head, Destiny said. “Adele said no, but, well, you know, something doesn’t feel right.” then, shrugging her shoulders, “I don’t know.”

     Destiny and Charlie were giggling by the side of the pool when Adele came home. Destiny shrieked with excitement when she noticed her standing there. Adele had to brace herself when the girl came racing over, practically knocking her down on the way. “Adele, you’re home early?” it was only two in the afternoon, surprisingly early. Then Destiny questioned. “Are you OK?” guiltily, “you’re exhausted.” Come with me, and I’ll show you to our room. Destiny called back. “Charlie, we are going to take a nap. We will see you later, OK?” Charlie understood and waved them both off.

     Taking hold of Adele’s briefcase in one hand and her hand in the other, Destiny led the way. It was now her turn to take charge of Adele, a task she took seriously. Destiny helped Adele undress in the room, guided her to shower, and then gave her a nightshirt before snuggling up next to her on the bed. The last thing Adele did before falling asleep was grabbed Destiny’s butt and ask, “Have you been behaving?” Destiny smiled; just by asking, Destiny knew her wife was feeling better.

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