It’s just a little one

Maren sauntered behind and she watched Stevie, who was wearing a baggy sweatshirt, being pulled along by their German shepherd. With his nose down sniffing, Scout was headed straight for the surf. Since bringing Scout home from the pound almost two years ago, they missed very few Saturdays at the beach. On those Saturdays, Scout would jump directly into the oncoming waves. Once he tired of the water, he’d go around sniffing the sand on high alert. Usually, a hermit crab popped up, and he played with it for a while, or he’d chase seagulls until he scared them into flying away. Maren loved watching her girlfriend and the dog playing. Sometimes Maren would join in, but today she stood a short distance away enjoying the view.

      Scout shook his body, sending water flying and soaking Stevie. Grateful she chose distance, Maren laughed as water dripped down her girlfriend’s face. As Stevie was wiping the water off, something odd caught Maren’s attention. Staring more closely, Maren focused on her girlfriend’s sleeves, which were very long. After a few minutes, it became clear her girlfriend was wearing a bandage on her left hand.

       Once Scout shook off most of the water, he quickly found joy in running after the seagulls. With Scout occupied, Maren walked over to her girlfriend, and as they were both watching, the dog she reached over to hold Stevie’s hand. Stevie’s reluctance only spurred Maren on, and she held her hand out until Stevie gave her hand over. Without skipping a beat, Maren asked, “Is there something you need to tell me?”

      Swallowing the lump that now formed in her throat, Stevie shyly looked at her girlfriend before stammering. “Maren it’s just a little one, I swear. I know we agreed not on the hands, but this is in between the fingers.” Stevie knew even as the words left her mouth that Maren would disagree. What she didn’t count on was what Maren promised next.

       Staring her naughty girlfriend in the eye, Maren said, “So, do you mean to tell me, breaking your word is no big deal?” Turning Stevie’s hand over, Maren continued, unable to keep the hurt out of her voice. “And if it wasn’t such a big deal, why not tell me? Why wear this oversized sweatshirt?” Stevie said nothing, So Maren continued. “Be assured I will deal with you and your naughty behavior when we get home!”

        Although Stevie seemed tough around most people, Stevie’s insides turned jittery when Maren spoke like this. She tried pleading, “Maren, please, you can’t even see it.” Quietly adding, “I was going to tell you.” Scout sniffed around the women, unsure what was happening, trying to get them to play. Stevie couldn’t stop staring at the sand as her eyes filled with tears.

       Finally, Maren grabbed hold of her girl’s chin and lifted her head until she had eye contact. Then, she wiped away a few stray tears with her other hand before kissing the girl’s forehead and saying. “Hmm, you’ll get a chance to explain later. Right now, Scout is getting antsy.” Stevie wiped her remaining tears away, looked down at the dog, and couldn’t help chuckling at the sight. Seeing Stevie’s distress, Scout dug at the sand and whined by their feet.

       “Ok, Maren,” Stevie said, knowing her fate was sealed, then turned her attention to the dog. “It’s ok, Scout. Let’s play.” The dog jumped up, almost knocking Stevie over before turning to run down the beach. Stevie quickly began chasing the German Shepard until finally, they both tired. Stevie plunked down in the sand next to the dog. It only took Maren a few minutes to catch up, and she, too, sat in the sand. Together the three sat there relaxing, watching the waves inch closer, then recede to the ocean.

      After thirty minutes of quiet contemplation, it was time to head home. First, Maren rose, dusted the sand off, then reached out to pull Stevie up. Once the women were ready, Maren called for Scout, and the three were on their way.

       Before entering the house, Maren directed Stevie, “I’ll make lunch. Would you mind rinsing Scout off in the backyard? He’s still pretty sandy.” Stevie wanting to earn as many brownie points as possible took the dog around back without fuss. Stevie’s mind drifted to Maren and how mad she was on the beach. When Stevie left this morning, Stevie was excited; like with every piece of art Stevie wore, a thrill came when adding a new design. Unfortunately, she didn’t take Maren’s threat seriously enough when she chose to ink her finger.

       Maren made her way to the backyard after calling for the third time, she decided to go and search for her naughty girlfriend. She stood in the doorway, watching the girl brushing the wet dog before clearing her throat. “Ahem,” Stevie startled at the sound. “I’ve been calling you. Lunch is ready.”

       Setting the brush on the table, Stevie jumped up and immediately stammered. “Oh, I, sorry, I mean, I didn’t hear you.” A flush of embarrassment watched over at being caught daydreaming.

       “Aren’t you hungry?” Maren asked.

       “Maybe, I guess,” then she added, “Maren, I don’t know if I can eat. My stomach’s all jittery.” Once again, Stevie’s face grew hot. In her entire life, no one has ever made her feel this way, and never before would she allow anyone to spank her like a naughty child.

       “Hmm, well, maybe we should have our talk first?” Maren looked into Stevie’s eyes. “Go ahead and take a quick shower. I’ll feed Scout; you use that time to think.” A look of worry reflected in Stevie’s eyes. Maren walked over, gave the girl a quick hug, then lowered her hands and couldn’t resist squeezing her cheeks. “Ok, off you go.”

       Stevie, in a t-shirt and boxers, hair still wet from the shower, was sitting cross-legged on the bed. Maren took a moment to enjoy the sight of her beautifully inked girlfriend. She loved this tattooed girl, but they agreed to keep certain areas free of ink. Maren walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, Stepping into the room. “So, are you ready to talk? Maybe explain why you needed to hide this from me?”

       Stevie’s head snapped up, “I was going to tell you, I swear.” The look on Stevie’s face was close to pleading.

       “Stevie, you’re about to get a spanking for going behind my back, then trying to hide your new tattoo from me. Please don’t add lying.” Maren snapped at her girlfriend, then stared until the girl squirmed.

       Stevie covered her face with both hands. This morning her plan made sense but now, listening to Maren’s version, she realized how badly she messed up. The words were unclear as Stevie tried to explain behind her hands. “Stevie, look at me, please. I can’t understand a thing you just said.”

       Stevie complied by slowly lowering her hands and making eye contact even slower. “I’m sorry Maren, you’re right. I did promise not to ink my hands and I went ahead and did it anyway. Maren please don’t s-spank me, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

       Without saying a word, Maren got up, walked into the bathroom, picked up the bath brush, returned to the bed, and sat with her back against the headboard. Stevie stared wide-eyed at Maren’s movements. The scene felt surreal as she watched her girlfriend adjusting herself by putting pillows behind her back. It was the moment Maren patted her lap, indicating for her to climb over was when Stevie wanted to run out of the room. Although the feeling was intense, Stevie swallowed the lump in her throat and climbed over.

       Once in position, Stevie sighed; she didn’t want a spanking but felt relieved having the truth out there. Sadly, the relief she felt only lasted until the first swat landed. “Ouch, Maren, that hurts.”

        Maren’s response surprised Stevie, “Good! Then maybe you’ll think before you try to deceive me in the future.” Swat, swat, swat! Over the boxers, Maren used her hand to warm up the girl’s cheeks, then once satisfied, she paused.

        Stevie sighed when the swats stopped but began to panic when she felt Maren’s fingers reach for the elastic waistband of her boxers. In her panic, she wiggled and pleaded, “no, please!” and tried to reach back.

        Maren’s stern voice stopped any protest, “settle down, naughty girl. That was only a warmup. Now lift so I can pull these boxers down.” Stevie groaned but lifted her hips, then settled down with a whimper. ‘If this was just a warmup, the actual spanking was going to kill her,’ she thought. Stevie held her breath, waiting for the onslaught! She wasn’t expecting Maren to rub the sting away; then she realized Maren was only pausing so she could lecture.

        “Before we end this lesson, I’d like to make something perfectly clear. If we have an agreement, such as No tattoo, we honor it. Now if one of us wants to change an agreement we first discuss it with the other.” Maren’s hand squeezed Stevie’s cheeks before continuing, “we do not hide anything from each other!” Swat! “Ever!” Swat! “Is that understood?”

      “Owwie, yes ma’am, I’m sorry.” Stevie cried out.

      “Good, now let’s finish here.” picking up the bath brush, Maren got to work on reddening her naughty girl’s bottom. Each time the wooden brush landed, a red oval mark appeared, and Stevie howled her displeasure. Swat, thump, splat, one cheek to the next, sit spot to sit spot, swat thump, splat the brush came down. Stevie tried to block the brush with her hand, only to be scolded and have her arm pinned to the small of her back. “Naughty girl, be careful. I could have hurt you.”

      Stevie cried out, “Maren! Stop! it does hurt!” With her arm locked, she wiggled and bounced her legs, trying to avoid the next swat only to hear a scolding.

      “Hold still” Maren aimed the wooden brush at the backs of Stevie’s thighs. Four swats were all it took to get the girl to control her movements. “That’s better. Now, remember if you ever decide to go behind my back again, this spanking will feel like a walk in the park.” Rubbing the back of the brush over sore cheeks, Maren decided to make the last swats count. She released a firestorm of swats from one cheek to the other, igniting what Stevie could only guess to be a wildfire on her butt.

       The swats came so fast Stevie was beside herself until finally her body gave in and went limp. Maren felt the girl’s body sag and put the brush down. As the girl lay there trying to catch her breath, Maren cooed and rubbed the girl’s back. “Hush baby, you’re ok.” After a few minutes, Maren reached over for a tissue when the girls’ sniffles threatened her breathing. “Here, blow your nose. Let me know when you’re ready to get up, and I’ll help you.”

        Stevie moved to get up right away, and as Maren helped, she guided the girl onto her lap. “Come here; I’ve got you.” Although Stevie’s bottom was throbbing, there was no place she’d rather be than right here in Maren’s arms.

        Stevie used the tissue to wipe away her tears then spoke. “Maren, I’m sorry.” Looking into her lovers’ eyes, she continued nervously, “can you forgive me?”

         As Maren responded, she squeezed the girl tight, “of course I forgive you.” Maren was amazed every time Stevie let her guard down. Watching her tough-as-nails girlfriend open up and let her insecurities show left Maren in awe. “The slate is clean; you are my good girl again.” Stevie, embarrassed, hid her face in Maren’s shirt. “Oh, baby, are you hiding? Don’t you like being my good girl?”

       Stevie’s muffled response, “Maren, stop teasing.”

       “Ok Stevie I’m sorry. How about we go eat lunch?” Maren decided to change the subject. “Climb off my lap, so I can get up.”

       After pulling up her boxers, Stevie looked up at Maren and softly confessed. “Maren, um, the thing is well, I do like being your good girl.” A wave of heat washed over Stevie’s face, but then she smirked, “truthfully, I like being naughty too.”

        “Oh! Maybe I wasn’t thorough enough? should I warm you up a little more?” Maren asked jokingly.

        Stevie took off for the kitchen, laughing and running at full speed, “No, no, I’m good.” Maren followed behind, shaking her head.

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