Chloe’s escape part one

     Chloe hopped up through the side door just before the whistling guard came casually strolling by. Quickly she ducked into a dark corner and tried to steady her gasping breath. Chloe had run for what seemed like hours after escaping. Luck must have been on her side when she spotted the smoke of the train and heard the whistle blow, warning of its departure. Chloe double-timed her steps. Chloe had no choice; she had to get away.

     How she ever let herself get mixed up with a group like that Chloe couldn’t remember. The last thing she could recall was being at a party at this very exclusive nightclub. Chloe wore her only fancy dress, a little black number, and borrowed her roommate’s stilettos. She tucked her cellphone, keys, and a twenty into a bit of sequence clutch she found at the corner thrift store. Chloe remembered dancing and laughing, then her friend or maybe someone else gave her a drink. She didn’t think much of it at the time, that was until the room began to spin and then go dark.

     When she came to, her head throbbed, and her tongue felt like a cotton ball. Chloe had no clue how she got here, locked away in an old trailer somewhere in the desert. After lying there intently listening for noises, she finally opened her eyes. It took a few minutes to determine she was alone and trapped. The door was bolted shut and wouldn’t budge; the windows were filthy, yet worse still was the steel cage across the outside. Dread filled her mind, body, and soul.

     Luckily, there was plenty of water, some canned food, a bathroom, and even a change of clothes. By the setup, Chloe figured whoever took her plan to keep her hostage for a while. Maybe that would give her time to find an escape or fight he or she or even them off when they returned. Chloe decided escaping was the best option, even though she had no idea where to go or how to get there. Getting away, far away from here, would be in her best interest.

     Chloe set her mind on escape. She shook the door, solid, windows, substantial, but they had slightly more give, then she stood still and let her eyes wander. Chloe took in every detail of the room until finally, glancing up, aha, a skylight. Chloe’s eyes zeroed in, it was wide enough, and she didn’t see bars steel or otherwise covering it. Ok, that would work. Needing something to stand on, she dragged over the kitchen table. Once she examined the skylight closer, she decided it wouldn’t open, so she’d have to break the plastic; hopefully, it was as brittle as it appeared.

     It took numerous hits with the can for the plastic to finally crack, then a few tugs, the plastic crumbled. Once Chloe managed to clear away enough of the edges for her body to fit through, she filled a dirty old canvas bag with supplies, threw it out the opening then followed quickly behind. While on the roof, Chloe took a moment to check out the area. Dirt roads for as far as she could see, Chloe wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw a slight movement to what she thought was the south.

     By the looks of the sun, it was late afternoon, and although tempted to stop and rest, Chloe kept going. The further away she could get, the better. In her mind, at least an hour passed before hearing a faint sound; not recognizing the noise, Chloe became alert but kept moving. A few minutes later, she heard it again, only louder. She moved faster; the third time, she could listen to the sound of a train whistle and saw smoke puff up from the engine. That’s when hope rose, and she picked up speed in that direction,

     As her breathing settled, Chloe lay her head back and let the tears flow. She was going to make it; she could relax now. The train jolted as it began to move, then after a few minutes, the rhythm steadied. Just when she thought things were finally going her way, a raspy female voice startled her. “Whatta running from, little one?” The unexpected sound had her heart racing once again as she scrambled as far away as possible. “Relax girl. I ain’t gonna hurt ya.”

      Several seconds passed before her nerves settled, and in that time, the woman made her way toward the door. She cracked it open just enough to shine some light showing the young girl she wasn’t a threat. Although she was tougher than she appeared, this kid didn’t need to be scared of her. “Hey kid you’re safe here. You want some jerky? I think it’s beef, I got some a couple stops before you jumped aboard.”   “My name’s Remi by the way. You got a name?”

     Chloe took in this lady, from her appearance to her voice; she didn’t seem like a threat, so she cautiously introduced herself. “I’m Chloe, nice to meet you. Jerky sounds good I’m starving. I have some waters and a couple of cans; I didn’t think to bring an opener.”    “By the way, where are we?”

     “Well, we’re not far from Carson City, Nevada. I’m heading east. I have to make my way to the coast. Where you headed?” Remi wondered how long she’d have company. The rails could get mighty lonely; she didn’t mind sharing a car once in a while.

     Chloe wasn’t sure how much information to give this stranger, but really, what choice did she have? “I’m not sure where I’m headed; maybe I should stay away from my apartment, at least until I can figure out what’s going on.” A shiver ran up her spine as she tried to tamp down her imagination. When she glanced at Remi, she sensed a genuine concern. Her Aunt Dot used to give her that same look, especially when she worried her,

     “Can you contact family? Is there a friend you can count on?” These were good questions, but her parents were away, and she didn’t know how to contact them; without her cell phone, she had none of her friend’s numbers. Even if she had those numbers, who could she trust? Chloe shook her head no. Then feeling tired and defeated, she closed her eyes and drifted off. Remi mumbled something unintelligible, then shuffled over with a blanket to cover the girl.

     The train whistle blew and startled Chloe. “Settled down, girl, we are just stopping. You might as well get used to it; we stop and go all night. Now, this stop is good, we can fill up on water, and if you need to relieve yourself, best do it now. I’m guessing you ain’t got no money. So in the morning, we’ll stop and do a little panhandling.” When Chloe made a face, Remi snapped. “You listen here, girl. There ain’t no way a couple of cans of food and some jerky are gonna get us far at all!”

     “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. You’re right; I’ll listen.” Chloe could have kicked herself for being rude when Remi only wanted to help.

     “That’s right; you’ll listen. You hang with me and ride in the same car and are rude again or give me sass; I’ll put you over my knee and spank that rudeness out of your backside.” Chloe stared back at Remi, not believing her ears. “You heard me right, Girl.”

     When the train came to a complete stop, Remi took the lead. “Ok, girl, we have maybe fifteen minutes. Follow close; I’ll show you how this works. Whatever you do, don’t dilly daily. You hear the whistle. You better be in the car. Remi led the way to the water spigot, they both filled their bottles, Remi did a quick wash-up, then when they were closer to their car, she instructed Chloe to take care of her business quickly. Remi chuckled at the girl’s modesty as she ducked behind a pile of crates. The whistle blew, warning of the departure, and the girl hadn’t returned. Remi called put sharply, “Girl, get in here now!”

     Hearing the whistle and then Remi’s tone, Chloe barely had time to zip her pants when she came flying around the corner—jumping into the boxcar in the nick of time. Although she was happy, she made it seeing the fury on Remi’s face had her stepping back. Grabbing hold of Chloe’s arm Remi spun her sideways, landing a couple of swats to her bottom. “Girl didn’t I say when you hear the whistle you better be in this car.”

     Shocked, Chloe apologized as she was trying to wiggle away from Remi and her steel hand. Once she got far enough away, she rubbed her wounded derriere, amazed by the strength of this unassuming little lady. She would have to remember never to be rude because she would be in trouble if she gave a spanking with the same force. “I’m sorry, Remi. Please don’t be mad.”

     “Girl, I ain’t mad.” she chuckled, “If I were mad, you’d be rubbing all night.”   “Why don’t you hand me one of those cans. Let’s see if we can get er open.”

      When the next day came along, Chloe’s stomach was rumbling. The food was gone except for a few jerky pieces. They were hoping to get some supplies after a little panhandling. Chloe was nervous about begging for money, but right now, she was so hungry she would do just about anything.

     As soon as the train arrived, they set out with all their belonging. Unfortunately, that didn’t consist of much, a few bottles in an old beat-up canvas bag for Chloe and a small backpack for Remi. They hitched a ride to the center of town in the back of a pickup truck. Once there, Remi explained the ins and outs and set Chloe up on one corner with a cup she found in a dumpster while she took the opposite one. Chloe, excited by a few dollars, wanted to stop right away and get food; Remi wouldn’t hear of it.

     The longer they stayed, the more sullen Chloe became, and her cup was starting to reflect her attitude. Remi marched over, determined to give the girl a firm lecture, but she noticed the girl did indeed need some sustenance when she got to her. “Alright, girl, let’s go. But once we get some food in ya, you better fill up that cup.” Chloe was so grateful she followed along like a lost puppy. Once Chloe finished her burger and fries, and her stomach stopped its rumbles, she did as told and got her cup filled.

     That evening after shopping for necessities, they set up camp not far from where they’d hop the train the following day. Chloe, not much of an outdoorsman, was getting cranky. The ground was too hard, then what about snakes or bugs. She even went as far as to blame Remi for not being on the last train. “Girl, if I hear one more complaint out of your mouth, I’ll give you something to complain about.”

     “You wouldn’t dare.” Chloe tried to stare Remi down, but the intensity of Remi’s look had her quickly retreating.

     “Girl, Do not push me. You just met me; how do you know what I’ll do.” Remi shook her head. She wasn’t going to take grief from some young kid. “Sit down, let’s eat.” Remi hoped once Chloe ate, her attitude would mellow.

     Unfortunately, Chloe woke up the following morning in an even worse mood. They ate a small breakfast, and when she realized there was no caffeine, she swore. Remi was sitting on a fallen log and watched while her younger travel companion had herself what Remi would only describe as a hissy fit. Finally, when she had enough, she folded her cheese sandwich into a napkin and placed it on her bag before sternly calling Chloe over. “Come here, Girl.”

     Startled by the tone, Chloe stopped, looked over, then shook her head no.

     “Girl, I was not asking. Come here now!” There was no give in the demand. Chloe had no choice but to obey. Slowly she made her way over, then stood directly in front of Remi. Taking both of the girl’s hands in hers, Remi proceeded to lecture. “What did I tell you would happen if you continued to give attitude?”

     “But Remi, you can’t. I’m too old.” Remi waited, “you can’t s~spank me, Remi?”

     “Now, girl, that’s up to you. We travel together; you’re rude or sass me, you get spanked. But if you’d rather travel alone, that’s fine too. We can divvy the supplies and part ways.” Remi let go of the girl’s hands and watched as she weighed her options.

     It didn’t take long for Chloe to decide; traveling alone was just too awful to imagine; a spanking had to be better. Besides, she was taking her bad mood out on Remi, who had been nothing but kind. “Ok, Remi, um, you can, well, please don’t make me leave. I’m sorry, please spank me; I want to stay.”

     “Ok then, climb on over.” Remi guided the girl to lay herself over her lap with her bottom sticking up.  “Consider yourself lucky. Usually, a naughty girl over my lap would be bare bottom.” she felt Chloe shiver slightly before placing her hand on the upturned bottom. “You are to stay in place until I say otherwise. No reaching back or kicking. Understood?”

     “Yes, ma’am.” Chloe only had a second to think how crazy this week had been. First, a fancy party, then a kidnapping, leading to an escape, and now a spanking. All too soon, she felt Remi shift as her hand lifted and, without warning, landed on her left cheek. “Oof,” Up again, the right, Chloe was shocked at how much it hurt; she had never in her life received a spanking.  The swats came one after the other. “Remi, please s~top p~lease no more. It h~u~r~t~s!” She pleaded.

     “Of course it hurts, don’t be silly.” Remi shook her head, and without missing a swat, she said. “As long as we ride the rails together, you will behave.”

     “I promise, ow, ow.” Grunt, “I’ll be good. Ouchie,” Chloe was beside herself as the onslaught continued; Remi, on the other hand, was not fazed. This girl was gonna at least think twice before she gets sassy again. Remi landed a final flurry of swats directly to Chloe’s sit spots, and even though the clothing, Remi felt the heat and knew they were ruby red.

     It took several minutes after the final swat for Chloe to move, and as she did, Remi helped her up and onto her lap. Surprised, Chloe tried to rise only to have Remi hold her in place, whispering encouraging words until Chloe felt herself relax. It felt good to be held, secure in arms so strong they felt like a barrier against the world’s evil. Finally, she allowed herself to let go and release the dam. The insanity of the week caused a bubbling up of emotions she never felt before.

      “That’s good, let it out. Get rid of all that pain.” Remi rocked and cooed. “Everything will be alright.” She knew from experience how therapeutic a good cry could be. “You’re doing good, Girl.”

     By the time the sun had fully risen, Remi knew the next train wasn’t far away. It was time to stir the almost sleeping girl on her lap. “You ok kid? We gotta pack up a train should be arriving soon.”

     Struggling a little, Chloe managed to lift herself; she then reached a hand out to help Remi. When they were both standing, Chloe paused, trying to collect her words. “Um, Thank you Remi for traveling with me and I’m sorry for being so mean.”

     “We’re ok kid. Don’t go worrying. You might think about a nap once we board” Remi’s smile revealed they were going to be ok.

     “Yes, a nap sounds wonderful.” Then she added while rubbing her tender backside. “I’ll be laying on by belly.” They both laughed. “By the way, How did you get so strong?” Remi laughed even louder as she began gathering her belongings.

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Just found your stories tonight and started at the top with Chloe and am very impressed with your story and character development. Love it

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Thank you Michael,
I appreciate you giving my stories a read and letting know your thoughts. I’ve been having having a lot of fun thinking up stories and characters.


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