Childhood Memories

   “Oh Rita, I’m so excited. I can’t believe we’re doing this. You are going to love my parents.” Henna said as she was carrying her bag to the car. They decided since Henna couldn’t get the Thanksgiving week off, they’d avoid holiday travel altogether. So they each took two extra vacation days the second weekend of November to spend with Henna’s parents.

     Henna’s parents lived forty-five minutes south of the airport in New Jersey, in an area where beautiful pine trees surrounded their neighborhood. At the end of their street was ‘the woods,’ a childhood term for the beginning of the pine forest. There was also an area that used to be a cranberry bog, which hadn’t been active in years. Growing up, the neighborhood kids would fill buckets of the tart berry for their mothers to cook down into a semi-bitter sauce.

      As a child, Henna spent a lot of time playing in the woods, building forts, sledding down a crooked hill, ice skating on the frozen pond. In the woods is where Henna kissed her first boy; it’s also where she found out she liked kissing girls so much better. Henna couldn’t wait to show Rita where she grew up, take her into the woods, and show her around, maybe reenact some childhood memories.

      After collecting their bags, they ventured to the passenger pick-up area. Rita had wanted to rent a car, but Henna’s father insisted on picking them up at the airport. The cold air hit them as soon as they stepped outside; luckily, her father pulled up just minutes later. He loaded the bags in the trunk, gave them both a quick hug and off they went down the parkway.

      Rita couldn’t believe that in less than an hour, she was standing at Henna’s parent’s house, getting possibly the most welcoming hug ever from a girlfriend’s mother.  “Rita, welcome; please make yourself at home. I had Kevin put your bags in Henna’s old room. We figured you girls would like to share.” Henna’s mom paused long enough for Rita to agree. “Jason, Henna’s brother, and his family will be here tomorrow morning. Oh, and my sister Franny’s coming for dinner. I hope the turkey is big enough.” both Kevin and Henna laughed. Later Henna would explain how mom said the same thing every year, and every year they had leftovers for weeks.

     Maggie, Henna’s mom, had everything in the kitchen under control, so Henna decided to take Rita exploring. Rita, usually up for anything, was reluctant to leave the warm house. “Come on, Rita, dress warmly. I want to show you around.” Henna said with a slight whine and stomp.

     Rita, alert to the girl’s changing mood, decided leaving the house would be best. And while they were gone, maybe spank some manners into the girl. Rita eased up to her girl in a tone that meant business and answered for only Henna’s ears. “Oh, please show me around. And while you’re at it, I’ll make sure you’re nice and warm.” Rita’s hand brushed Henna’s bottom, sending a bolt of excitement through Henna.

     Instead of buckets, Maggie insisted they take plastic baggies for the cranberries. “Now, girls, if you get too cold, forget about the berries. I have a few cans in the pantry.” as she said this, she handed each girl a scarf and gloves. Maggie was sure cold or not; Henna would drag Rita to all of her childhood haunts, and just like when Henna was a child, hot cocoa would be waiting when they got home.

      It was cold, but Henna’s nostalgia was comforting. First, they trekked down an overgrown path to the pond. Unfortunately, the temperature had only recently turned cold, and the pond wasn’t frozen yet. Henna had hoped to take Rita skating this weekend. They decided to skip the sledding hill since it hadn’t snowed yet. “Rita, let’s collect some cranberries. I like the fresh stuff so much better than the canned.”

      “Alright, but I’m getting cold, so let’s hurry.”

     Henna explained how they used to flood the area so the cranberries would float, then a machine would scoop them up. “Of course, that was before I was born. The cool thing is they grow wild now.” Henna kept chattering while she crammed cranberries into the baggie. Occupied with her task, Henna overlooked Rita casually seating herself on a nearby log.

      Rita let Henna fill her bag before she called over. “Henna dear, please come here.”

      Shocked, she almost dropped her bag, luckily she recovered quickly. As if coming out of a fog, Henna looked up and took a moment to realize Rita’s intent. “Oh!” her confusion gone, Henna hurried over to her girlfriend’s side.

      “I promised you a warmup. Come on, get yourself over my lap; once you are warm and toasty, we can go back to your parent’s house.” Henna draped herself over, leaving her pants on. “Girl, you know better. Stand back up and drop those draws.”

     “But Rita, it’s so cold.” Henna’s whiney response earned her a sharp swat. “Owie, Rita!”

     “Should I wait and spank you in front of your family?” “Is that what you want little girl?” Rita knew this threat would get the desired response.

     “Rita… Noooo.. you promised!” Henna struggled to get up. Once standing, she looked into Rita’s eyes, saw a glint of humor, and pouted. “Rita that’s not funny!”

     “Henna, you know very well I would never break my promise and spank you in front of your family.” Pointing to Henna’s button, Rita signaled with her finger. “Little girl, I’m freezing. If you want a warmup then get moving!” Rita waited for Henna to drape her bare bottom over her lap before removing one of the gloves she wore.

     Rita wasted no time bringing color to Henna’s bottom. As she was swatting, Rita glanced down and saw the bags of Berries, and right away, an idea formed. Pausing for a moment, Rita reached over and plucked up one of the bags before informing Henna of her intentions. “Oh sweetheart I’ve just come up with the best idea and I think you’re going to love it.” Rita dangled a bag in front of Henna, “see these? They are the perfect color red.”

     Henna groaned as she had a feeling where this was going. “Yes, I believe you understand. Well, we better get started if we’re going to get your cheeks red enough to match these beautiful cranberries.” The next few swats landed hard and fast on one cheek then moved to the other. “Oh Henna I wish you could see, the color is so pretty but not quite red enough.”

     Henna groaned again. Although she loved spankings right this minute, the heat Rita added to her cold bottom had her ready to combust. “Ouchie, owe Oh oh, Rita!” Henna cried as her legs scissor kicked.

     “Settle your legs little girl!” Rita demanded right before she landed a few zingers to the backs of Henna’s thighs. “Hmm, maybe I’ll work on these thighs for a while,” Rita volleyed for several swats before moving back up. “Oh my, Henna baby, we’re getting close.” Rita paused, but only long enough to compare bum to berries. “Nope, not yet.”

     “R-i-t-a!” Henna squeezed her eyes shut at the feel of Rita’s hand landing again and again. Although she was whining now, Henna would relish the heat later, so Rita continued.

     “I think a few dozen more and the color will be perfect.” Rita made sure to put a little extra force behind her finally. In doing so, Henna’s discomfort ratcheted up a notch, and she squealed and rocked. Luckily, Rita had her free arm holding Henna securely, thus preventing her from falling. Once Rita delivered the last few swats, they both needed time to recover.

       Surprisingly, Henna spoke first, “Rita, I hope you have the right color because my butt’s on fire.”

     Rita’s hand moved over both cheeks, “Mmm, nicely warm and cranberry red. Now let’s get you up and dressed. Once our bodies realize we stopped moving, we’re going to feel the cold.” Rita helped Henna up. Then while Henna was busy rubbing her sore cheeks, Rita reached down for the pants now puddled around Henna’s ankles.

     Clothes now in place, Henna happily enjoyed the warmth and wanted to thank Rita properly before they walked back to her parents’ house. “Wait, Rita,” Henna said as she reached for Rita’s hand then marveled at its warmth. Smiling, Henna added, “I want to make out with my girl before we go back.” Facing each other, Rita put her free hand on Henna’s bottom and locked lips with her girls. As their tongues danced to the beat only, they could hear Rita squeeze a handful of her lover’s cheek.

     “Mmm, mm, Henna we had better stop.” Rita managed to mumble as she tried to extract herself. “Keep it up and somebody will find our naked bodies out here in a frozen erotic form.” Henna giggled at Rita’s dramatic description.

      Still chuckling, Henna decided, although dramatic, Rita was right. “I bet Mom will have hot cocoa ready when we return.”

      Giving Henna’s bottom a sharp swat, Rita said. “Let’s get going then!”

      “Ouch, Rita!” Henna jumped away and feverishly gave her bottom another rub as Rita retrieved the bags filled with berries. The walk back went quickly, and Rita smiled as Maggie did indeed have hot cocoa warming on the stove. Then chuckled at Maggie’s response to Henna’s wiggling,

     “Henna dear, sit still. You’re acting as if someone just spanked your naughty bottom.”  Henna blushed as Maggie smiled knowingly, then went about puttering in the kitchen as if she hadn’t said a thing.

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