Tease and Taunt

The following morning Jenny lay in bed listening to the faint sound of running water; the day before playing over in her mind. It all seemed surreal, like a dream she wasn’t sure what to make of it just yet. Under the covers, her hand traced the lines that covered her entire bottom., she would look closer once she got out of bed. A soft knock on the bedroom door brought her mind back to the present and stopped her exploration.

     “Come in,” Jenny said softly.

     Mistress Maryam came in holding a jar of cream. “Good morning, dear; I’d like to examine your bottom and perhaps rub in a bit of lotion.” she was not asking, so Jenny gave the nod. She moved over slightly as Mistress Maryam pulled the covers back and made to sit beside her on the bed.

“How are you feeling?”

      Not sure what to say or even really how she felt, Jenny shyly mumbled. “Okay, I guess.” and although having someone examining her naked butt was highly embarrassing, the feel of lotion applied was worth every shade of pink now flooding her face. A few moans escaped even while desperately trying to remain quiet.

      Once Mistress Maryam applied a generous amount of lotion and was satisfied, the bottom would heal nicely; she put the lid on the container and stood. “Okay, it’s time for breakfast; I’ll see you in the kitchen,” looking at her watch, she added, “you’ve got five minutes.” then she turned and left the room. It took Jenny a moment, but her head quickly cleared, and she hurried out of bed and rushed to the bathroom.

     Mistress Maryam smiled as the girl arrived in just under five minutes. “The coffee’s over there; grab yourself a cup.” she offered. “Then, if you want, have a seat.” she pointed toward the kitchen table.

     Jenny did as told, but she chose to stand once she got to the table and saw the hardwood chairs. Seeing the girl’s dilemma, Mistress Maryam offered with a chuckle, “Why don’t you grab one of those pillows off the couch?” Jenny put her coffee down and did just that. After placing the pillow on the chair, Jenny slowly eased down onto the pillow.

      As Mistress Maryam was at the stove cooking, Jenny’s mind wandered. Her thoughts varied from her experience last night to why she was here. It was all too confusing; Jenny felt almost comfortable being around this stranger in this strange house. And although she knew it was temporary, she wanted to enjoy the time she had. The sound of a plate placed in front of her startled her mind back to the present.

       “Daydreaming, I see.” Mistress Maryam joked as she set another plate down for herself.

       Embarrassed, Jenny apologized. “Sorry.”

       “There’s no need to be sorry; we all do it.” taking a bite, Mistress Maryam thought for a moment, then continued. “So what has got you so dreamy?”

       “I’m just trying to save all this to memory.” the dreamy look came back. “Clean sheets, food, eating at a table, well, everything.” A blush filled her cheeks, ”I’m sorry, I must sound crazy.”

        “No, you don’t sound crazy at all. That sounds anything but crazy.” Mistress Maryam said. Then she added something that had Jenny a little on edge. “I don’t have to work today, so after we clean up the breakfast dishes, I like for us to talk.” Jenny was ready to be asked to leave any minute now. So when they did finally sit and talk, Jenny wasn’t nearly ready for what was said. “Jenny, How would you like to stay here with me for a while? Well, I’m not sure in what capacity; we would have to figure that out.”

      Shocked, Jenny sat, mouth agape. Mistress Maryam chuckled, “Little one close your mouth before you catch a fly. Now, when you are at the club with me. I am always in charge. Understood?”  After a meek yes, ma’am, Mistress Maryam continued, “We have a lot to talk about, but that’s if you want to stay. Do you need time to think it over?”

       Shaking her head no, Jenny said, “but, but, why, why would you want me to stay?” “you don’t even know me. I mean, I’d love to stay but are you sure?”

       “You’re right; I don’t know you, but I can read people, and I think you’re good people.” Jenny stared as Mistress Maryam said the nicest things anyone had ever said to her. But before she could ask or say anything else, tears began to flow. Mistress Maryam wrapped her strong dominant arms securely around the girl. She held Jenny as if she was a child, offering her strength and allowing Jenny to release her fears and hurts. Although this one cry wouldn’t take all the pain away, a sense of healing had begun.

      Once again, Jenny felt her cheeks heat as the words stumbled out. “Sorry, I’m such a mess.”

      When Jenny tried to make eye contact, she looked up and became nervous as Mistress Maryam had a stern look in her eyes. Behind the face, she did not see the malice she saw with her husband; Jenny was not afraid that Mistress Maryam would hurt her, but that she had disappointed the Mistress. So once again, she said, “sorry.” then understood that was the problem.

      “That’s enough! No more apologies. Unless you’ve genuinely made a mistake. Now let’s get a move on it. I’m off today, and I’d like for us to go shopping.” Jenny got up with a bit of a push from Mistress Maryam. “So in the shower, you go. I’ll loan you some clothes for today.”

       Jenny was getting nervous in the store, she had very little money, and Mistress Maryam filled half a cart with items just for Jenny. Granted, she wasn’t frivolous; the things Mistress Maryam picked put, Jenny needed, but she couldn’t pay for them. Finally, when another lacy bra landed in the cart, Jenny practically pleaded. “Stop! No more. I don’t have enough money. Please, Mistress Maryam.”

     Jenny’s tone stopped Mistress Maryam short; she took a step closer, took Jenny’s hand in hers, and said, “Little one, It’s okay, I’m aware you have no money. Years ago, someone helped me, so let me help you. Then in a few years, when you can, you help someone else.” she watched as Jenny struggled with this idea. “I know it’s hard to believe, right now but not everyone wants to hurt you. Sometimes helping someone feels good.”

      Jenny knew she had no choice; after two years on the street, this was the first positive thing to happen. There was no way she could turn down the opportunity. So for good or bad, she said. “Thank you, Mistress Maryam.”

       Squeezing the hand she held, Mistress Maryam smiled. “Thank you, little one.” then a chuckle escaped when she added with a wink. “We are going to have to hold back on the Mistress title unless we are in the club or on occasion at home.”

       “Sor…” Jenny caught herself in mid-word. “Agh! Oh, Maryam. I know I’m not supposed to say sorry, but I think I’m overwhelmed.”

        Maryam glanced into the cart then back up at Jenny, “I think what we have here is a good start. How about we head home. We can stop for takeout on our way, then put on sweats and see what’s on tv?” Maryam knew she said the right thing when relief flooded the girl’s face. They both needed a break, Jenny, more so because her life was in a tailspin. Even though it was for the better, all the changes were overwhelming.


       Several months passed without incident; Mistress Maryam dressed and escorted Jenny to the club while teaching and training the girl. The first and most important rule is that she was a guest of Mistress Maryam. Therefore, she must follow Mistress Maryam’s rules. Such rules as show respect, don’t play without permission and do not embarrass Mistress Maryam. End of story, no exceptions. These rules sound easy and should be easy to follow, but for some reason, tonight, Jenny was antsy. All week nightmares of her husband haunted her dreams as sleep eluded her.

      Although Maryam was patient, Mistress Maryam was anything but patient. After an intense session with one of her clients, Mistress Maryam walked the floor of the club with determination. Rumor had it; her girl was teasing or maybe taunting several tops. Stories emerged, one more troubling than the next, and as Mistress Maryam greeted fellow patrons, she grew more determined to teach her girl a lesson.

       Lip locked Jenny lost herself in the pure pleasure of having someone so close. And although she had not a clue who she was kissing, Jenny let her mind go blank. That was until she heard the unmistakable sounds of Mistress Maryam’s voice, say with a sternness Jenny had never heard before. “Little girl!” 

     Jenny jumped back, lifting her hand to her mouth; she nervously said, “Mistress!” a long moment of silence followed. Jenny watched in amazement as Mistress Maryam waved her hand, dismissing her nameless kissing partner. Jenny opened her mouth and was about to say more when Mistress Maryam cut her off.

      “Hush now, little girl, I will not tolerate being made a fool. You have crossed the line tonight.” Jenny felt heat flood her face, looking down. She nervously waited, but when Mistress Maryam got quiet, she slowly looked up. Mistress Maryam knew the moment the girl understood. “Yes, dear, I know what you’ve been up to while I was busy. Nearly every Top you’ve taunted has offered their help with your punishment.”

      The color drained from Jenny’s face as she imagined her fate. If asked, Jenny couldn’t explain her actions; and she hoped she didn’t have to try. Jenny tried to fight off the nauseous feeling that threatened to overwhelm her as she waited. Then finally, Mistress Maryam decided, “follow me; I think I’d rather deal with your misbehavior at home.” watching the girl’s face relax, she added. “Little girl, don’t think for a minute I’ll go easy on you just because we are alone.” Mistress Maryam turned a stalked toward the coat check.

      Once at home, Mistress Maryam directed the girl, “Go take a shower, put on Pj’s, and then I want your nose in that corner.” when the girl only stood, Maryam snapped, “Right now is not the time to disobey me. Move it.” Jenny raced from the room.

     Never in her life had anyone made her stand in a corner, and Jenny didn’t like it. Not only did it make her feel small, but it also gave her too much time to think. She finally decided to be honest with herself; yes, she was teasing other tops, but the only attention she wanted was Maryam’s. After what seemed like a lifetime of thinking and listening to movements behind her, she heard Mistress Maryam say. “Come here, please.”

        She made her way to the kitchen table where Mistress Maryam was seated. Her heart raced at the sight of the hairbrush and leather belt laying casually on the table. She would have panicked if she understood why the peeled ginger root was sitting next to the implements. Mistress Maryam began to speak as soon as Jenny stood in front of her, “Little girl, you’ve messed up big time. But once I explain the consequences, I don’t think you’ll do it again.”

      “First of all, the club is off-limits for two weeks.” A look of surprise crossed Jenny’s face, but she was smart enough to stay quiet. “Second, you are about to receive what I’m assuming would be your first of several figgings?” she waited for Jenny to confirm, then continued when a look of confusion crossed her face. “Figging is when a peeled ginger root gets inserted up into your anus.” Jenny’s hands flew to her backside. She continued, “then, finally, you will receive three spankings. One now, one next week, and one the night before your next trip to the club.”

       Panic now overwhelming her, Jenny began to apologize. “Please, Mistress Maryam, I’m sorry, please, I’ll be good. “

       “That’s enough!” Mistress Maryam said while reaching over and pulling the girl’s pajama pants and underwear down. Once lowered, she indicated for her to step out of them altogether. “Now turn around, spread your legs a little and touch your toes.” Jenny slowly did as instructed, and although she tried clenching her cheeks, one slap from Mistress Maryam had her unclenching. Then at the feel of a hand separating her cheeks, she groaned with dismay but not as much as when she felt the root inserted. The burn took a moment, but Jenny cried out and begged Mistress Maryam to take it out when it set in.

       Mistress Maryam showed no leniency, “thats enough, now climb over my lap.” Jenny stood bouncing up and down, shaking her head in despair. “Little girl, if you don’t start listening, your punishment will be doubled.” Forcing herself to settle, Jenny lay over the waiting lap. The warmup was short and stingy as Mistress used her hand to cover Jenny’s bottom with swats before picking up the hairbrush. As the wood of the hairbrush landed, red circles emerged, Jenny struggled to stay still. Pain flooded her brain, whether from inside or outside; she couldn’t tell anymore. After Jenny’s bottom was a solid red, Mistress Maryam had her stand.

       Jenny’s hands flew to her backside as she danced in front of Mistress Maryam. No matter how she moved, the burn was there. As if in a nightmare, she watched as Mistress Maryam picked up the leather belt. Tears flooded her eyes as she pleaded, “no, no, please, no more.”

      Folding the belt in half, Mistress Maryam ordered, “over the side.” Pointing to the sofa. Jenny wiped tears away with the back of her hands and shuffled over; after one last pleading look, she bent over the arm. The belt landed dead center, covering both cheeks causing Jenny to scream out. Then it landed lower, hitting tender sit spots, and on it went hitting a new area then overlapping. By the last swipe of the belt, Jenny’s voice was hoarse, and she collapsed right where she was no longer did care about the ginger root.

       Helping the girl stand, Mistress Maryam sat on the sofa and guided the girl to sit on her lap. Jenny, unable to think, followed along. She buried her face and cried as arms circled her body. Once Jenny’s tears calmed, she tried to speak. Lifting her head just enough to look into Mistress Maryam’s eyes, she said, “I’m sorry.”

      “I know, baby, you’re forgiven.” Mistress Maryam kissed the Top of the girl’s head.

To be continued…..

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