Tease and Taunt Part 2

   Jenny woke up feeling as if a truck had run her over. She rolled over to lay on her back, then quickly reversed course as the slightest touch hurt. Heat flooded her face remembering the ginger root. Jenny clenched her butt; luckily, the soreness was on the surface. Slowly Jenny pulled the covers back and climbed out of bed, trying not to touch her bottom to the mattress. In the shower, she aimed the cool water over her sore cheeks and applied a ton of lotion before she was barely dry.

     Jenny took a deep breath before entering the kitchen; she was nervous about facing Mistress Maryam this morning. Right in the doorway, Jenny stood frozen. Mistress Maryam was at the stove cooking. She set the spatula down and greeted Jenny with a hug. “Come here, little girl,” she wrapped her arms around the girl. “You’re going to be okay. Now get yourself some coffee, then have a seat. Breakfast is almost ready.” adding, “but no cushion this time.”

       Coffee in hand, Jenny stared at the hardwood before easing herself down. The wood seemed harder today than she remembered. They ate the meal in silence, Jenny changing positions every few minutes, trying to ease the pain. After breakfast, Jenny volunteered to do the dishes, looking for any opportunity to get back in Mistress Maryam’s good graces.

     Although Mistress Maryam wasn’t mad anymore, Jenny’s punishment was far from over. Before leaving for the club, Mistress Maryam placed a stack of paper and a pen on the table. “Little girl, you have until I get home to complete one thousand lines. Sitting at the kitchen table, you may only get up two times until they are finished. Do make sure they are neat, and you count them.”  “Oh, and no cushion.” Jenny stared in disbelief.

      Once Mistress Maryam was gone, Jenny reached for the top paper then cringed as she read, “I will never taunt or tease another Top again.” Mistress Maryam may have forgiven, but she surely didn’t forget. Jenny eased herself onto the chair, picked up the pen, and began to write. After an hour, she put the pen down and stretched out her fingers. Looking down at the paper, Jenny was surprised only to have three hundred and seven lines when she counted.

       At this rate, Jenny thought she’d be here all night, so she grabbed the pen and got busy. Once the lines were complete, Jenny stacked the papers neatly next to Mistress Maryam’s recliner. Then with several hours left before Mistress Maryam came home, Jenny decided to open a can of soup for dinner. Sitting in the living room, Jenny took several spoonsful of soup before her eyelids began to close; the next thing she heard was Mistress Maryam’s unlocking the front door.

       Startled and now fully awake, Jenny jumped up, “wow, slow down, little girl.” Mariam noticed the half-full bowl of soup along with more in the pot. “Is that all you’ve eaten?” receiving a nod, Maryam continued. “Let me change, and we can eat together.” Jenny nodded again then proceeded to reheat the soup.

       Jenny happily set the table for her and Maryam. With face washed and wearing comfy clothes, Maryam entered the kitchen. Jenny immediately set about ladling soup into Maryam’s bowl. They sat together eating for a few minutes before Maryam said. “I missed you tonight.”

       Jenny looked up at Maryam with surprise. Then not knowing what to say, asked, “Really?”

      “What do you mean? Of course, I did. I like having you there. Especially when you are behaving.” Maryam watched as heat flooded the girl’s face, then glanced around. “BTW, have you finished your assignment?” Jenny made to retrieve papers, but Maryam stopped her. “Eat first, please.” After taking another spoonful, she added, “imagine how many lines you will write by the end of your two weeks.” Jenny almost groaned at the realization.

      Together they cleaned the kitchen before Maryam brought Jenny into the living room to sit at Maryam’s side. Maryam wanted to reassure Jenny, restriction or not; everything was going to be alright. With an arm wrapped around the girl, Maryam told her about her day then inquired how the girl was feeling. Jenny said while playing with the hem of Maryam’s shirt, “I’m so sorry. I’m embarrassed, and I can’t believe I acted so bad.” shyly, she added, “I’m scared, you know, next week.” she shuttered.

      “You did go full stop when it comes to breaking the rules.” a stern look crossed Mistress Maryam’s face. “You are lucky, there are plenty of Tops at the club that would like a chance to correct this.” Mistress Maryam squeezed a handful of Jenny’s butt. Jenny’s body shuttered once again.

      Every morning for the following week, Mistress Maryam placed a stack of paper and a pen on the kitchen table. Each day the words were different, but the number of lines stayed the same. There was no doubt in Jenny’s mind how badly she screwed up. What surprised her most was how she accepted the consequences, and although Mistress Maryam was strict, she was not hateful. If punishments warranted, it would be painful, but then you’d be forgiven.

       Jenny waited nervously for Mistress Maryam to return home. It had been one week, and she was due to receive the second of the three spankings promised. As much as Jenny was dreading the events to follow, Jenny accepted them as inevitable. Dressed in pajamas, she sat at the kitchen table.

        The sound of Mistress Maryam’s key seemed to echo in the lock as she opened the door. As she entered the house, Maryam spotted Jenny sitting at the table, and she felt proud of the girl. Before speaking, she took a moment, “Good girl.” she praised, knowing how hard this was for Jenny. “I need to wash up and change. While you’re waiting, you can peel the ginger.” biting her lip; Jenny looked up. “Once you’ve peeled it, place it on a plate, wash your hands really good. Then put your nose in the corner.”

      Left with no way out, Jenny said,” yes, ma’am.” she made her way to the cooler.

      Mistress Maryam took her time washing off the day and trying to center herself enough to deal with her charge. Although she, too, felt this was a harsh punishment, she knew Jenny would think twice before she disrespected anyone in the club again. Wearing black jeans and a black tee, Mistress Maryam entered the kitchen, picked the knife, and shaped the ginger. Instead of calling the girl over, Mistress Maryam went to Jenny placing the ginger root on the nearby shelf.

      “Alright, little girl, take two steps back.” Mistress Maryam put her fingers in the waistband of Jenny’s pants and tugged both panties and pj’s down. “Step out, please.” kicking the clothing out of the way; she continued, “okay, spread your legs and touch your toes.” Jenny squeezed her eyes shut and did as directed. Mistress Maryam separated the girl’s cheeks and then reached for the ginger using the fingers on one hand. Holding her breath, Jenny tried not to clench while the root entered her most sensitive area. Although the pain hadn’t hit yet, tears filled her eyes.

      Once the root was firmly in place, Mistress Maryam instructed Jenny to return her nose to the corner but added, be still and keep your hands at your side. It didn’t take long for the juices to mingle and the sting to intensify. As much as Jenny tried to be still, small tremors escaped. Mistress Maryam watched for ten minutes before calling her over. “Come here.”

      The girl shuffled over, tears lining her cheeks. She hesitated slightly at the sight of the hairbrush but continued to Maryam’s side. At Mistress Maryam’s urging, Jenny lay over the waiting lap. A warmup followed; the swats were swift and covered every inch of the tender bottom. Satisfied, Mistress reached for the hairbrush, but before applying the wood, she asked, “How are you doing, little girl?”

       A barely audible, she said in a shaky voice, “okay, ma’am.”

     Rubbing the flat surface over the sore bottom, she added, “Are we going to have any more problems at the club? “

      “No, ma’am,” Jenny said immediately, lesson learned.

       “Okay, let’s finish up so we can cuddle.” The brush came up and down without warning, taking Jenny’s breath away. Swats landed one stingier than the next, hitting up and down than side to side. She jumped when it landed on her sit spots and then screeched as the brush found the tops of her thighs. As far as Jenny’s mind was concerned, her butt was on fire, and between the ginger and the hairbrush, she could no longer think.

       When the spanking ended, Jenny was worn out and lay motionless over Mistress Maryam’s lap. After several minutes Maryam tapped the girl’s shoulder, “Jenny, come on, girl, it’s time to stand up” Jenny got up stiffly with Maryam’s help. “Let’s get you cleaned up,” she said while walking the girl to the bathroom. “We’ll get rid of the ginger, and you can wipe your tears.”

        Mistress Maryam sat on the couch in the living room then guided Jenny to sit on her lap. Even though Jenny was allowed to put her pajama bottoms on, that thin layer of material helped not at all. It took a few minutes to ease but having Maryam’s arms around her felt wonderful and eased her heart. Much later, while lying in bed, Jenny will realize the lack of a belt and be grateful.

        As expected, paper and a pen were waiting for each morning’s session of lines. On the last day, Jenny calculated she had written thirteen thousand lines. And if she never wrote another line, she’d been happy.

        On the final day, Jenny wasn’t sure what to expect, so when Mistress Maryam announced she would be going to the club with her, Jenny was shocked. After breakfast, Maryam said, “Jenny, go shower and don’t bother changing. I want to get that bottom of yours nice and red before we go to the club today.”

   While Jenny was getting ready, Mistress Maryam placed an outfit on Jenny’s bed, returned to the kitchen, and prepared the ginger root.

      In the shower, Jenny was so nervous she thought her breakfast was going to come back up. Luckily, she stopped and took a few deep breaths, which managed to keep everything down. Jenny wrapped the towel tightly under her arms and around her body before leaving the bathroom. This action didn’t stop her hands from shaking, but it kept her modesty intact for a little longer. In the kitchen, Jenny saw Mistress Maryam shaping the ginger and shivered, then prayed this would be the last time.

       “Okay, little girl, come here; I’m sure you know the drill by now.” Jenny stood in front of Mistress Maryam, facing away, and bending forward, preparing herself for the invasion. “I don’t expect ever to have to repeat this severe a correction. But little girl, know if I must, I will.” ginger root in place, Mistress Maryam washed her hands before walking the girl to a waiting chair. Once seated, she patted her lap and spoke. “Over!”

       Of course, Mistress Maryam showed no mercy. Today along with the lesson, she wanted to see evidence of the spanking. The warmup was long and covered Jenny’s bottom along with her thighs. Mistress Maryam added swats with the hairbrush as a hot pink appeared, and in its wake, red splotches blossomed. Then as the swats continued, those splotches joined together, leaving solid red. Jenny was frantic to escape the firestorm burning across and inside her bottom.

       She begged, “please stop; I’ll be good.” swinging her legs, and when she tried to reach back, Mistress Maryam held solid her hand to the small of her back. “Owie, please!” the swats reigned down as no amount of begging helped. Finally, after purple spots mixed with the red did Mistress Maryam put the hairbrush down.

       It took several minutes before Jenny could move, but Mistress Maryam gave her a quick hug instead of cuddling before directing the girl. “Alright, little girl, we’ll cuddle later, right now; you need to get ready. Do your hair and makeup, then once that’s all done, change. I placed your outfit on your bed. You wear what’s there and nothing else. Oh, and you may remove the ginger.”

       Staring at the bits of clothing on the bed, Jenny groaned. The top was a white lace corset bustier, and the bottoms were shorts so tiny they covered only half cheeks and highlighted their ruby redness. Red heels intended to lift her tail was the final touch. Jenny dressed in the bits and pieces then searched for Mistress Maryam, looking for approval. Although she would never ask, she did hope for more clothing.

       Mistress Maryam smiled as Jenny approached then with her finger indicated for Jenny to turn. The red cheeks earned a smile of approval, “I’ll be at your side all night.” squeezing the red cheeks, and she added, “so expect me to be keeping these a bright red.” then chuckled as Jenny gasped.

      As soon as Jenny entered the club, she felt like a beacon as her skimpy white outfit practically glowed. It didn’t take long before all eyes were looking her way, admiring her ruby red cheeks. Jenny now realized why Mistress Maryam chose the skimpy white outfit; she only hoped tonight would be the end of her punishment.