A long day for Chloe

  “Hurry Chloe were gonna be late,” Remi yelled up the stairs for the third time, now clearly irritated.

     Dragging her suitcase behind, Chloe called back. “I’m coming, I didn’t want to forget anything.” The bag was heavy, especially for a seven-day trip.

      “Chloe, what did you pack?  Go in my bathroom and get the scale.” Grumbling to herself, Remi added,  “Are you planning on moving home?”  Chloe quickly did as instructed, leaving Remi in the front hall mumbling. After placing the item on the floor, Remi struggled to lift the case. Once it was balanced, the screen read sixty-one pounds. “Chloe you need to take at least eleven pounds out of that bag.”

     “But Remi I need all that!”  The stern look on Remi’s face had Chloe regretting her winey tone. “Sorry Remi, it’s just that I want to be prepared. I’m not sure what we are doing and I plan on going out with my friends.”

     “Ok, I hope you have enough money? Checking your bag is thirty five dollars which is fine but I believe over weight is another one hundred and fifty. If that’s ok then let’s put your bag in the trunk.”

     Chloe was stunned, “What? I’m not paying almost two hundred dollars to check a bag!”

     Remi figured as much, but instead of arguing, she stepped back and let the girl make the decision. “Well, it’s your choice but either way we need to get a move on. If you’re not gonna pay then hurry up and lose some of that stuff. I’ll be waiting in the car.” Chloe scrambled, trying to decide what to leave and what to bring. Finally, she had it down to forty-eight pounds when she heard Remi beep the car horn.  She zipped up the bag then ran the excess back to her room before dragging the bag outside.  Of course, Remi had the engine running with the trunk open.

     At passenger drop-off, Remi gave Chloe a hug and a warning. “You be good ok?” Getting a nod. “Don’t forget to call once you get to your parents house. I’m gonna miss you kid.” Remi gave another hug before sending the girl off with a sharp swat to her bottom.

     “Remi?”  Although that display was embarrassing, Chloe didn’t mind. She was going to miss  Remi and Sophie. They’ve become so close over the last six months. Chloe knew if she could have chosen two sisters, these two would be them.

     Inside at the check-in counter is when Chloe found out about the first flight delay, fifty-nine minutes. Slightly irritated, she checked her bag then went through security to her gate. At the gate, she read the monitor and added another thirty minutes to the delay. Rolling her eyes, Chloe decided checking out the shops would kill some time. Snacks in hand, she returned to yet another delay. The reason posted next to the delay was the weather; looking outside, Chloe noticed the rain but didn’t think it was too bad,

     Listening to the announcement, Chloe became frustrated, because she just wanted to start her vacation. Her parents were waiting, and she wanted to see her high school friends. Sitting in an airport was at the bottom of her list of places to be. She called her parents and let them know about her flight delay. The weather caused a ground stop, causing some inbound flights to divert to other cities.

     One of the planes diverted was the same plane to be used for her flight. The announcement received sighs and vocal feelings of dismay from around the room. The gate agent advising them was pleasant, although you could feel her stress with every notification.  With nothing to do, Chloe decided to walk around. She bought a book from the Tattered Cover bookstore, went in and out of several shops then made her way back to the gate. Chloe wasn’t sure if the book was boring or if her mind wouldn’t focus. The seats were hard, and there were so many people moving about grumbling, kids running around, babies crying; she gave up on the book.

     The latest announcement, the city that Chloe’s plane diverted to was now on a ground stop, causing a longer delay. Even though it was no one’s fault but Mother Nature, the mood in the gate area declined further. Instead of making the best of this situation, they began complaining, and the poor airline worker got the brunt of the abuse. Chloe deciding this scene was making her uncomfortable, got up again. This time Chloe was going to check out the airline’s lounge.

     “Hi can I help you?”

     “Yes my flight is delayed can I use the lounge?”

      “Of course, we have a day pass you can purchase or we have a yearly membership? Which would you prefer?”

     Slightly annoyed she’d have to pay, Chloe handed over her credit card. “I’ll take a day pass please..”

     Once inside, she felt calmer. The room was quieter than on the concourse, and she could breathe a little easier now.  Setting her bag down, Chloe headed for the bar for a glass of wine than to the buffet filling a plate with snacks. Back to her seat Chloe smiled as she drank her wine and began reading her book.  Soon her phone pinged with yet another delay; Chloe groaned as this would be six hours. She could have almost driven in that time.  After three glasses of wine and several hours in the lounge, her flight stuck in whatever city waiting for clearance still wasn’t here.

     Chloe’s irritation climaxed when she heard a thirty-minute closing announcement.  Unable to control herself, Chloe packed her belongings and stormed to the counter with the phone in hand.  Her frustration built standing in line; by the time she made it to the counter, she was livid. Unfortunately, in her frustration, she hit Remi’s number, and when she began berating the agent behind the counter, she didn’t realize Remi could hear every word.

      Remi listened, shocked at first, then when she heard her Chloe treating another person so poorly, she became infuriated. From the conversation so far, Remi now understood the girls’ flight never left. Well, that explained why they got no call. Remi listened more closely and heard the agent trying to explain the situation calmly. She heard Chloe’s tone and the nasty words she was using.  Remi imagined Chloe’s animated body language and knew once she saw Chloe again, they would have a long discussion.

     Chloe let out a long day’s worth of frustration on the poor lady behind the counter. Blaming her for the delay, the lady apologized and tried her best to calm Chloe. In the process of yelling/explaining herself, Chloe hit her phone, knocking it off the counter. When she picked it up, she noticed Remi’s name lit up. Thinking she called her accidentally, she quickly hit the off button. Immediately Remi’s name lit up again. Chloe promptly tried to dismiss the call, only to have the number light up again. “Not now Remi I’m busy.”

     Remi’s voice was colder than she’d ever heard, “Little girl, Do Not Hang Up On Me Again!”

     Swallowing the large lump that just formed in her throat, Chloe. “Ok Remi.”

    Remi instructed, “excuse yourself and step away from the counter so you can hear me.” When there was no immediate answer, Remi snapped. “Now, girl!”

     It took only a few seconds for Chloe to do as instructed and find a quiet corner to call Remi back shakily. It was late, and Remi wasted no time. “So I take it your flight is delayed and you are frustrated?”

    “Yes, Remi.”

    “I listened to the disrespectful way you were speaking earlier and believe me girl, I am not happy. Did you even hear what the agent was saying or were to too busy berating her?”  

     Silence was Chloe’s answer. Now being called out, she felt embarrassed, and regret overwhelmed her, to the point she couldn’t speak.

     Remi continued, “That’s what I thought. This is what you’re gonna do. Go back to the counter, first apologize then ask nicely if you can change to a flight tomorrow. Once you have yourself rebooked call me back or do I need to stay on the line?”

      Chloe was practically in tears now, “yes ma’am” snuffling,“No you can hang up I’ll call you back.”

      At the counter, Chloe did her best to apologize, but she knew there was no excuse for the way she spoke. The agent kindly rebooked the ticket to the next flight with availability and advised Chloe the best thing was to leave her bag. After gathering her belongings, Chloe left the lounge before calling Remi back for instructions.

      Once Remi got the conversation details, she directed the girl to wait at passenger pick up. She was on her way and would be there shortly. Chloe took the train back over to the main terminal and found her way to their meeting spot. As she stood watching cars go by, tears began to fall as the long day, and her emotions came to a head. By the time Remi arrived, Chloe hadn’t noticed her because she could no longer see the cars through her tears.

     Remi spotting the girl at the curb crying into her sleeve, pulled up and put the car in park. In Chloe’s state, she didn’t realize Remi was there until a solid arm circled her body. Remi held tight as Chloe sank into her friend and her familiar comfort. Unable to stay parked, Remi shuffled Chloe to the passenger seat, buckled her in, then handed over a tissue before climbing into the driver’s side.

     The drive home was quiet but once parked in the driveway, Remi instructed. “Go ahead and shower then put on your PJ’s. I’ll be up in a bit to talk.”  Chloe made no fuss as she got out of the car. Inside the doorway, Sophie was waiting and greeted her the same way as Remi, enveloping her in a firm embrace. Although she would love to stay in these comforting arms, she had instructions. So before Remi made it inside, Chloe excused herself and went upstairs. She left Sophie in the hallway, waiting for her wife to enter. Remi was happy to see Sophie; she needed to feel Sophie’s strength before she dealt with the girl.

     Chloe sat on the edge of her bed, nervously waiting. She knew she messed up. Now, quietly sitting in her bedroom, Chloe remembered the nasty things that came out of her mouth and her horrible attitude. She thought of Remi listening to everything, and her stomach lurched. Oh, Chloe knew her attitude earned her a spanking, but even that wouldn’t erase her embarrassment. Chloe’s body tensed when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

     Chloe’s eyes zeroed in on her busy fingers as she dreaded seeing the disappointment in Remi’s eyes. Chloe knew the exact moment Remi arrived and was standing in the doorway. She wanted to apologize, even beg forgiveness, but she couldn’t look up; she couldn’t speak. Tears once again leaked out, and from the doorway, Remi’s heart ached for this girl. She walked over and sat beside Chloe, placing a hand over the busy fingers, trying to offer comfort before speaking.

     “Girl, I know you’ve had a rough day but we need to talk.” Getting a nod, Remi continued. “I was shocked to hear the way you spoke today. I believe you were overwhelmed and disappointed with all the delays but your behavior was unacceptable.”  Chloe, still unable to speak, shook her head in agreement. “Ok girl,  let’s take care of business, grab a tissue and blow your nose then I want you over my lap.”

        While Chloe got up to do as instructed, Remi sat with her back against the headboard, preparing for the girl’s arrival.  Chloe did not dare stall; she knew she screwed up and quickly stood at the side of the bed. Looking up into Remi’s caring but stern eyes, Chloe held back more tears that threatened. Disappointing Remi was the worse part of this horrible day. So when Remi tapped her thighs, Chloe scrambled to obey and climbed up onto the bed and over those same muscular thighs.

     Placing a hand on the quivering bottom, Remi asked, “Do you understand why I’m about to roast your bottom?” Receiving a nod wasn’t good enough this time. “Girl, when in this position you answer me!” A swift swat followed.

    “Owwie! yes ma’am. I understand, I do. Remi, I’m sorry.”  Chloe rambled for a quick moment then became quiet.

     While lowering the girl’s pajama pants, Remi added, “Alright girl, let’s get on with it, then you can get some sleep.” The sentence no sooner left her lips when she brought her hand down repeatedly, leaving red prints in their wake. Chloe was pretty good about staying still until the heat became unbearable, then she wiggled and squirmed. She was trying to avoid the iron palm landing over and over again.

     Just when Chloe thought it couldn’t get any worse, Remi paused long enough to pick up the hairbrush. Panic set in as soon as she felt the cool smooth wood rubbing her sore bottom. “Remi, No, no, no, please no more! I’m sorry, I’ll be good. No more.”

     “Hush now! Yes you will be good but we aren’t done yet!” Remi lifted the hand holding the brush and brought it down swiftly. She was determined to teach a lesson that would stick with this girl. Treating people with disrespect would not be tolerated. Chloe, unable to stop herself reached back only to have her hand imprisoned to the small of her back. Her feet kicked the bed as she tried to ease the burn; nothing helped.

     “Remi, please, stop!” Chloe’s pleas did nothing to stop the onslaught, and it did eventually end but not until Remi was satisfied.

     Remi allowed the girl a few minutes to recover before pulling her up and laying her on the bed. Chloe clung to the older woman as she listened to the coos and reassurances. Finally, Chloe asked, “Remi are you still mad?”

     “No girl, I’m not mad. But if I ever hear you speak so poorly to another, we will be adding my belt to our discussion. Do I make myself clear?”  The thought of adding a belt to her already sore bottom sent a shiver down her spine.

     “Oh no Remi, never again.”  Remi climbed off the bed then tucked the sleepy girl under the covers.  Before leaving the room, Remi kissed the forehead of the now sleeping girl.

     Entering her room, Remi was relieved to see Sophie still awake and waiting. In bed, Remi snuggled as close as she could get, sometimes doling out punishment, even when deserved, was more challenging than receiving one. Tonight was one of those times. Now it was Sophie’s turn to comfort and reassure her girl.

     The following morning Chloe knew Remi and Sophie would be in the kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee, but after her behavior last night, she was embarrassed to join them. After stalling as long as she could, Chloe made her way down the stairs to the kitchen. Sophie was the first to notice her lingering in the doorway. “Come on, little girl, grab yourself a cup and have a seat.” Remi pushed the carafe toward the girls’ chair, indicating the same thing.

      Remi spoke up. “I watched the weather channel this morning. There are some storms coming but not til much later.”   

     “Oh good, I’d rather just stay home then wait in an airport.” Chloe blushed, remembering the events that landed her in so much trouble last night.

     “I assume by the color in your cheeks that if you do get delayed, you’ll remember to behave?”  Remi said as she got up to make Chloe some breakfast.

     “Yes, ma’am, I will definitely remember.” Chloe blushed

     “That’s my girl. Now how many eggs?”

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Yes please add more stories to this group they are all so intriguing. The only other writer I have read so much by was stardawn chabot I read the mockingbird chronicles at least six times for each book plus a copy of book 5 that she never released but sent me a draft after I told her how much I loved her stories. I still have it and have read that one as many times as the others.

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I definitely will add more. I love stardawn’s books also. The first story I ever wrote was for an anthology Stardawn, and Claire Britain put together. I submitted an awful story, and Stardawn Cabot helped make it ok. (I will always be grateful she took the time to help me.) There are two books of short stories by some good authors. Fourteen firsts and twelve seconds are filled with incredible stories. I think you may like them both, the stories are wonderful.

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