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  Henna practically pouted as she walked in the door to an empty house yet again. This week it had been five days, and last week, it was four days. Although Rita had told her she’d be picking up extra hours, Henna didn’t realize Rita would be staying late every day. Henna was getting tired of eating dinner alone, and even though she spent a lot of time at Rita’s, she was lonely. Without Rita to keep her company, Henna would rather go home. She decided since Rita wasn’t going to be home, she might as well go back to her place.

     Henna checked the bus schedule and had ten minutes to get to the stop, so she grabbed her things and ran out the door. She locked the door but forgot to leave a note on her way out. Getting off the bus, Henna stopped at the local market to pick up dinner. While she was there, she grabbed a bottle of white wine.

     Henna poured herself a glass of wine in her apartment and then changed into sweats. In an attempt at blocking out her disappointment, Henna had her Alexa play an upbeat station, and then she asked her to turn the volume up. Wine in hand, Henna went around the house cleaning and singing along with the music. The phone rang several times without her notice while she sipped Chardonnay and sang.

      By the third voicemail, Rita was less annoyed and more worried. Henna had been here every day when she arrived home, so when she walked in the door today, the empty house felt odd. At first, Rita figured Hanna got tired of being here alone and went home but not finding a note gave her pause. And now, with no answer, well, she had an uneasy feeling. The last thing Rita felt like doing was driving across town, but she wouldn’t be able to rest without knowing Henna was safe.

      Pulling up to the apartment complex, Rita saw that Henna’s living room light was on. Although she felt a little better, she wouldn’t be happy until she saw Henna. Luckily Rita found a parking spot that wasn’t too far away and, after locking her car, made her way to Henna’s door. The noise coming from Henna’s apartment surprised Rita. She never heard Henna play the stereo at such a high volume. She was even more surprised when no answer came when she knocked. After trying a few times, Rita gave up and dug in her purse for the key Henna had given her.

       Henna refilled her glass for the third time then continued moving around the house. As the wine kicked in, she felt better and even smiled as she thought about Rita. She thought about the sexy and silly spankings they both enjoyed and how much Rita was going to have to spank her to make up for being away.

    She never heard her phone ring or the knocks on the door with her mind on spankings. When hunger hit, she popped her dinner into the microwave, pressed start, and decided to turn off Alexa and watch some tv.

       She shouted, “Alexa off.” the room immediately got quiet, except for the giggling of the front doorknob. After a few stunned moments, Henna went to the hall closet and retrieved her baseball bat. Luckily when she swung the bat, it connected with the door as it opened and not Rita’s head.

       Raising her hands in self-defense, Rita screamed, “Stop! It’s me! Henna, it’s me!” Seeing the stunned look on her girlfriend’s face, Rita took the bat out of her hands. “It’s ok baby, it’s just me.”

      “W-what? Rita I could have killed you! Why didn’t you call?” Adrenaline and shock now killed any buzz she might have had.

      Rita’s look had Henna wondering if she might be in trouble. “Sweet heart, I called and left several voicemails. When you failed to answer I began to worry, so I drove over. I stood outside knocking for nearly five minutes before I gave up and found my key.” Shaking her head, Rita added. “Since when do you listen to music so loud?”

      Heat rushed to Henna’s face as she listened to her girlfriend. “B-but, Rita I don’t understand. Why drive all the way over here? Didn’t you work late tonight?” Henna’s embarrassment was quizzical.

      Shaking her head once again, Rita said. “When I came home the house was empty. You were gone and there was no note, then when you didn’t answer I got worried..”

       Henna gasped when she realized she indeed had forgotten to leave a note. “I’m sorry, Rita. When I checked the bus schedule, I forgot. I had just enough time to get to the stop. I grabbed my bag and ran for it.” But then a look of sly pleasure crossed her face. “Hmm, I guess I was a naughty girl.”

       As Rita noticed Henna’s look, she said, “Little girl I should refuse to spank you for a month after making me worry.” Rita chuckled at Henna’s exaggerated pout, “alright you win.” “Go shower and I’ll order a pizza.” “we’ll eat in bed after I roast those cheeks.”

      With her takeout dinner long forgotten, Henna planted a smoldering kiss on her girlfriend’s lips before running off to shower. Rita smiled, listening to the girl hooting and hollering. While dialing the pizza joint, Rita thought, “little girl, you’ll be screaming soon enough.”

      Rita had time for a quick shower herself before the pizza arrived. When Rita walked into the bedroom, she almost dropped the pizza, plates, and napkins seeing Henna lying naked across the bed. “Damn girl, you are asking for some trouble tonight.” Rita set the box on Henna’s dresser, then slowly made her way to the bed. She reached over and, with two fingers, teased one nipple before pinching it, then did the same with the other. Wanting more, Henna groaned.

       Henna felt the need build, and her pussy ached; she pleaded for release. “R-Rita! Please!”

       “Hush, little girl, we’re just getting started. Now give me some room so I can sit then climb on over my lap.” Rita knew the girl would be struggling about now, but that knowledge only added to Rita’s determination. Rita placed her left hand under Henna’s hips, her fingers locating her sweet spot, and with her right, she slapped the bare bottom laying over her lap. The little girl bucked and rocked, giving herself over to each glorious sensation. Although Rita often spanked, this was new.

        Rita could tell Henna’s release was close; she slapped faster and harder, all the while working with her other hand. The intensity in Henna’s body was all-consuming, moving and bucking, groaning, grunting until finally, Henna’s juices soaked Rita’s hand and fingers. Then Henna’s body went limp except for tiny tremors of pleasure. Rita let her fingers move ever so slightly, encouraging the last bits of pleasure. Her eyes lingered over the red orbs as she squeezed each one.

       When Rita thought Henna had fallen asleep, the girl moaned her pleasure then promised. “Rita, that was amazing. Whew! As soon as I can move, I’m going to return the favor.” Body limp, Henna awkwardly tried to release herself from Rita’s grasp. Once in a kneeling position, she grabbed a tissue for Rita to wipe her hand, spread Rita’s thighs wide open, and buried her face.

      Surprised Henna had the energy, Rita threw her head back and enjoyed her ravaging. “Oh! He-n-n-a! Y-e-s y-e-s!” Rita’s hand unwittingly held the back of Henna’s head. Once she lay sated, Henna’s head popped up to see the expression of pure pleasure on her girlfriend’s face. Exhausted, Henna used Rita’s leg as a pillow and drifted off.

       As soon as Rita was able to move, she extracted herself. She made her way to the bathroom to freshen up. Washcloth in hand, Rita returned to clean Henna, and in the process of wiping her off, Henna woke to a rumbling stomach. “Hmm, I’m hungry.”

       Rita kissed the girl’s forehead before instructing, “sit up and I’ll grab the pizza.”

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