What to write..

   Her fingers hovered over the keyboard; what should she write? Tiffany was clear when she began commuting; Maxine was to inform her immediately of any misbehavior. Right now, she felt as if they never had a conversation over the internet before. Why was this time so hard? She knew why; she messed up big time, that’s why. Of course, she had answers, and she also knew once she typed them, she would be in big trouble.

     Maxine sat in front of the computer, questioning herself instead of typing a simple email and explaining herself. If they were in person, this conversation might not be so hard. Who was she kidding? When it came to apologizing? She always seized up. She read the message from Tiffany again. “How are you? Anything new happening? I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Then finally formed a few words to create what she thought was an okay but awkward-sounding sentence.

     ‘Hi, Tiff, I know that once I tell you this, you will be mad but please listen. This morning, when I was on my way to the store Carolyn, my boss, called. I wasn’t going to answer, you know, because I was driving, but she called again. So I figured it was necessary, so I picked the phone and answered. I was right. It was about a story, and it was a rush piece. Anyway, I didn’t see the flashing lights behind me at first, but once I did, I pulled over.

     I know this is no excuse for breaking our rules, but I thought only texting was illegal. I honestly didn’t know it was against the law to talk on the phone. And the other thing I have to tell you is that the officer gave me a ticket for distracted driving.

     I am sorry, Tiffany. I know I screwed up; I’ll be waiting for your call.’

     Maxine didn’t have long to wait, and even though she was expecting the phone to ring, her heart raced as she answered. “Hello.”

     “You better believe I’m mad. How dare you? How dare you put your safety and the other people on the road’s safety at risk? What were you thinking? It sounds like you weren’t thinking at all.” Tiffany kept up a litany of questions. Tiffany didn’t even pause long enough to allow Maxine to respond. “You have the nerve to ask if I’m mad? Well, of course, I’m mad! Did you at least finish the article?”

     “No, ma’am, I’m still working on it.” Maxine was having trouble concentrating on the paper. Carolyn called Maxine because she could knock out an article relatively quickly, but right not when her mind was on Tiffany.

     “Okay, how much time do you need to get that done?” Tiffany asked, still irritated but trying to calm herself down.

     Maxine, now reluctant to speak, softly said. “Maybe an hour or two; I was having a little trouble concentrating.”

     “Hmmm, okay, how about while you work on your article? I try to calm down. I don’t think I should deal with you right now, anyway.” Tiffany paused, listening, and when no reply came, she snapped. “Young Lady, you had better answer me!”

     Tiffany’s stern tone snapped Maxine to attention. “Oh, sorry, yes ma’am, I’ll start right away.”

     Before Maxine could hang up, Tiffany added. “I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Let’s say one hour?”

     Maxine’s groan was silent, but it was there as she answered her girlfriend with a “Yes, ma’am.” before hitting the disconnect button. Maxine stared at her phone, shaking her head at her stupidity. Oddly enough, when she sat down, the words flowed. Although she was in loads of trouble, the confession part was over. Somehow that felt worse than the actual punishment, well, at the moment anyway. She managed to finish the piece in just under forty-five minutes, a record time. Her fingers once again lingered above the keyboard. As soon as she sent it to Carolyn, she’d have to inform Tiffany.

     Maxine wrote, “Tiff, I finished the article.” but pressing the send button took a full minute. This time Tiffany delayed her response, causing Maxine to break out in a sweat. She sat wiping her sweating hands on her jeans, eyes practically glued to her phone. Maxine wasn’t sure if this was good or bad; was Tiffany so mad she needed more time to calm down?

     Finally, the screen lit up, and her phone vibrated; she must have turned the ringer off when the officer was writing the ticket. Maxine slid her finger across the screen to open and shakily answered in what felt like slow motion. “Hello?”

     “Hello, Dear.” well, Tiffany’s greeting was better than Maxine expected. Holding her breath, she listened, answering when appropriate. “So, you finished the article. Have you turned it in?”

     “Yes, ma’am.”

     “What did Carolyn think of it? Or has she gotten back to you yet?”

     “Not yet, ma’am.” Maxine was so nervous, but she still cringed every time she heard herself used the word, ma’am. Not because she didn’t use that word, but right now, she felt she was overdoing it.

     “Well, I’m sure she’ll like it, you write beautifully. Now, Let’s talk about your earlier behavior. I’d like to ask you a question and I’d like an honest answer. Did you really think it was okay to use your phone in the car?” Maxine was surprised by Tiffany’s question.

     “I guess at the time, but then the more, I thought about it, well. Tiff, I’m sorry.” Closing her mouth, Maxine decided to say less was better. Tiffany didn’t sound as mad earlier; she didn’t want to push her luck even so.

     Tiffany listened then took a moment before answering. The pause made Maxine nervous, and her voice shook when she asked. “Tiff, um, Ma’am. Are you still there?”

     Although she needed to think about Maxine’s answer, Tiffany did not want Maxine worrying unnecessarily. “Honey I’m here, sorry I’m trying to come to terms with your answer. So, if I understand you correctly, you didn’t know the law but you were aware of my feelings when it comes to distracted driving? Is that right?”

     Right then, Maxine knew she wasn’t getting away with anything. She did know Tiffany’s feelings and her answer reflected that. “Yes, ma’am. I screwed up. I’m sorry.”

     “Okay, young lady, when I get home tomorrow, we are going to have a very long conversation.” Hearing that, Maxine again quietly groaned; she knew what that meant and now dreaded the reunion she so looked forward to just hours earlier. Then Tiffany continued, “Now, as for tonight, you are to write a paper, length is not important but the content is. This paper is to include, what distracted driving is and the dangers. I want to hear why you thought it was okay and that you understand the consequences of your actions.” Tiffany was quite long enough for her words to sink in, then added. “I’ll read it then by the time I get home I’ll have decided on your punishment.”

     Maxine felt her body sag; nothing she could write would lessen the punishment she had coming. Tiffany was never lenient when it came to her safety, and she knew this time would be no different. She resigned herself to that fact and answered. “Yes ma’am.” Once they hung up, Maxine opened a blank page and got to work. Writing how she knew Tiffany’s feelings about distracted driving is when reality hit. And she truly understood the hole she dug for herself.

     Giving the paper one final read, Maxine attached it to an email and sent it to Tiffany. Now the jitters took over her body as she waited for a call that may not even come until the following day. Fifteen minutes later and no reply, Maxine decided it would be in her best interest to clean the house. So she did the laundry, vacuumed, and pretty much had the house spic and span. When she finally stopped moving around and sat down, her phone showed a missed call.

     After reading the paper, Maxine had written, a sad smile appeared, her little girl had a gift with words. She also knew by reading it that Maxine was a pile of nerves, and if she didn’t call to reassure her, the stress would make her sick. Receiving no answer, Tiffany decided not to leave a message but to try again a little later. In the meantime, she’d do some shopping; a benefit of traveling for business is that it brought her into the city. In the city adult toy stores, were easier to find. Using her phone, she googled the closest one then set off to find the perfect implement.

     Tiffany held her new patent leather paddle back in the hotel room in one hand then tried Maxine’s number again. Maxine answered immediately, and as Tiffany thought, her voice was tinged with nerves and sounded fearful. Of course, the girl had every reason to be nervous but scared,was not okay. Tiffany’s only intention was to redden the naughty girl’s bottom, not cause lasting damage. Placing the paddle back in the bag, Tiffany began. “Okay, babe talk to me, please.”

     Maxine stumbled over her words, “I cleaned the house, did the wash. And.”

     That was as far as she got before being interrupted, “Maxi, I appreciate you doing all that cleaning but right now, what I’d like to know is, why are you so scared? Or maybe I should ask, are you afraid of me?”  

      Maxine was shocked by the question; she wasn’t scared, exactly. She was nervous and upset, but she disappointed Tiffany, not because she was frightened of her. “Tiff, I’m not scared. I’m, well I don’t like that I made you mad and I hate that you’re disappointed in me.”  Tiffany’s heart was breaking, but before she could say anything, Maxie whispered, “sorry, Tiff.”

     Tiffany needed a little more reassurance from her girl; although she trusted Maxine to be truthful, she took her role seriously. “Maxi, oh my baby girl. What am I going to do with you?”    “Alright, you and I are going to really talk when I get home. For now why don’t you tell me about your morning. Did you meet the girls for breakfast?”

     Maxine was more than happy for the change of subject, and with that, she was finally able to breathe easier. Hearing the light tone in Tiffany’s voice, Maxine sighed. She hated messing up and earning a punishment. But ever since Tiffany’s commute began, she seemed to mess up more often, earning her some pretty painful spankings. And now she’s gone and done it again.

     Sitting in the kitchen, Maxine nervously waited for her girlfriend’s arrival. She managed to clean the entire house from top to bottom. Maxine couldn’t concentrate, so reading was out. She just sat and waited and worried. When the doorknob rattled, Maxine jumped and ran to open the door, startling Tiffany. “Woe, Maxi.” she grabbed the girl, trying to steady herself. Once balanced, she put her bags down and pulled Maxine into her embrace. Murmuring, “I’ve missed you.”

     Maxine took a deep breath, filling her senses with Tiffany. Feeling her girlfriend is what she craved, the lump in her stomach began to dissipate. Even knowing that soon she would be over her girlfriend’s knee, right now, being in her arms eased her mind. Maxine almost cried. She not only missed her girlfriend, but she also needed Tiffany. Sensing the girl’s need, Tiffany said. “Let’s go sit in the other room; I think we both need a little cuddle time.” Maxine agreed.

     Maxine wanted to sit next to her girlfriend and ignore her misdeeds, but her conscience wouldn’t allow it to happen. She slowly unfolded herself from the safety of Tiffany’s embrace, looked up into curious eyes, and began apologizing. When she finished, she wiped away the tear that she had been struggling to hold back. “Oh Maxi, I love you so much. You know that, right?” Maxine nodded, still too emotional to speak. “How about we spend the day catching up, maybe go to lunch, or a nice walk?”

     Maxine gave another nod, but this time it was accompanied by a smile. “Now we are still going to discuss that you were talking on the phone while driving, but that can wait until bedtime.”

     Finding her voice, Maxine said. “Oh Tiffany, I just want to be with you. I don’t care what we do.” Pausing, Maxine added. “Tiff, I am sorry.”

     “I’ll go shower; would you grab me an iced tea?” Tiffany gave Maxine a quick kiss then left the room. Now that Maxine had Tiffany back, she didn’t want to be separated even for a few minutes. Maxine hurried to the kitchen, filled a glass, added lemon then made her way to their room. Maxine stopped in her tracks as she entered the room and saw the large paddle Tiffany pulled out of her suitcase. She gasped, and her hands began to tremble; Tiffany put the paddle down and went to her girl. “It’s okay, baby; we are going to talk before we do anything.”

      Then an idea came to Tiffany’s mind, and she immediately knew how to calm the girl. “I don’t think I want you out of my sight,” Tiffany said as she pulled the girl’s shirt up over her head. Then I unclipped her bra, dropping it to the floor. “I think I need a little help getting clean.” She continued unfastening the girl’s jeans. Once they were both bare, Tiffany tapped Maxine’s butt. “Move it.” directing her toward the shower.

     Steeping out of the shower, Maxine relishing the afterglow she slowly dried off with a towel. Her eyes lingered on her lover’s body as she also exited the shower and grabbed a towel. Being apart was so hard; Maxine hated the fact Tiffany’s job took her away for weeks on end. Thankfully Tiffany would be home for an entire week before she needed to leave again. Tiffany came up behind Maxine, she whispered. “Maxi, How about we snuggle in bed and talk. I think it’s time we had a good heart-to-heart chat. Plus, I want to hold you for a while.” Maxine loved the idea.

     It took some digging, but Tiffany was pretty confident it wasn’t her Maxine was afraid of but anxiety over becoming a disappointment. They sat together on the bed and spoke of their fears and hopes, asked each other questions. The two women laying here together, there was no subject off-limits, even the spanking Maxine had coming. Maxine finally asked, “Tiff, umm, are you ugh, I mean, the paddle? Are you still going to use that thing?”

     “You tell me?” Tiffany watched the girl as she wrapped her mind around the idea.

     It took a few seconds of complex thought, but when Maxine was ready, she asked. “As much as I don’t want the paddle. I think it’s right, Tiff; I messed up big time. Please don’t make me wait until bedtime?”

    Tiffany looked into her girl’s pleading eyes. “Okay, go find your corner while I get ready. Oh, and Maxi, drop the towel.” They both got up; Maxine went to her spot while Tiffany got dressed. Next, Tiffany moved the straight-back chair to the center of the room. Before retrieving her new paddle, she took a moment to admire Maxine’s naked form in the corner. The creamy white quivering cheeks were soon going to be a bright red.

     Sitting in the chair, Tiffany placed the paddle behind her back before calling the girl over. “Okay, young lady, come here, please.”

     Maxine jumped slightly at hearing Tiffany calling her. The walk from the corner was always so hard, but on shaky legs, she made her way over. Although naked, Maxine wasn’t the slightest bit shy standing in front of her girlfriend; Maxine was remorseful, having to be here in the first place. Tiffany began, “I believe you know why we are here?” getting a nod,  she continued. “Do you have anything to say before we start?”

     Softly Maxine said, “I’m sorry, Tiff.” And she was; she knew she messed up.

     That was enough for Tiffany; she took hold of Maxine’s arm, guiding her to lay across her lap. Once in position, Tiffany placed her hand on Maxi’s bottom, squeezing lightly before lecturing. “From now on, your phone is to be turned off while driving. I don’t want to take your phone away, but if I have to, I will! Do you understand?” when I response came, Tiffany brought her hand down sharply. “I can’t hear you!”

     “Yes, ma’am. I’ll turn it off. I promise!” After uttering those words, the spanking began in earnest. Tiffany wasted no time reddening Maxi’s once creamy white cheeks, pausing only long enough to bring her leg over the girl’s wildly moving legs and essentially restricting the girl’s movements. She spent more time using her hand than she usually would, preparing the cheeks for their new leather paddle. Maxine was no stranger to a variety of implements, but her response earlier gave Tiffany pause.

     After a good ten minutes, Tiffany was ready to introduce her new purchase. So reaching behind her, she grabbed hold of the handle and brought it forward, placing the supple leather on Maxine’s cheeks. Even the soft leather wouldn’t stop the panic as Maxine realized what was lying across her inflamed bottom. Unfortunately, she was pinned and couldn’t wiggle away. Instead, she begged for a mercy that would not come. Then cried as the leather repeatedly landed across both cheeks. Until finally, she lay limp over Tiffany’s lap, feeling relieved the paddle stopped falling, and she was now able to catch her breath.

     Tiffany admired her work and the different shades of red appearing, smiling to herself; she knew this was a hard lesson. She only hoped the effects would last long enough not to have to repeat anytime soon. Once she felt the girl calm, she helped her up, and instead of sitting together, she rose also. “Ok young lady, I think it’s time we got out of the house. Why don’t you get dressed, and I’ll take you out for a nice meal?” Maxine, consumed with nerves, hadn’t eaten anything since the day before, was famished.

     Tiffany caught the guilty look Maxine tried to conceal. “Oh, young lady, you know better than to go that long without eating.” Maxine’s hands flew to her bottom. “Don’t worry, no more spanking, but no more skipping meals.”

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