Don’t forget to dress warm.

       She was looking out her office window, watching the snow as it fell, wishing instead sitting here that she was still in Cancun. Tabitha fondly remembered the tan she got from her trip that was now almost faded, then she thought about her girlfriend Joey being out of town on business and now snow. She sighed. And this snowstorm couldn’t just be flurries either; no, of course not; so far, three inches have fallen, and there seemed to be no end in sight. The only bright side, Tabitha thought, was she had chosen to ride the bus instead of driving today.

       Joey had seen the weather report earlier and warned Tabitha of the storm and to dress warmly. Joey assumed Tabitha would listen even though she received a vague response. Tabitha knew the importance of following rules, and one of those rules was listening to Joey, mostly when it involved her health or safety.

       Ever since returning from vacation, Tabitha has been having trouble settling in. Between her hours at work, the swing shift, and being home again, her sleep was suffering. Unfortunately, the lack of sleep made her irritable and irresponsible. If Joey were home, she would find a way to help Tabitha adjust. Probably with a relaxing spanking, And for Tabitha, a spanking usually worked better than any sleeping pill.

       By the time Tabitha was able to clock out, several more inches had fallen, and the temperature dropped to the bitter cold. Unfortunately, she didn’t heed Joey’s warning and dress appropriately for the weather. Since she would be riding the warm bus, she chose a hoodie over a jacket and shoes instead of snow boots. On a typical day, this would be fine. She would wait inside the building until two minutes before the bus arrives, then after the bus dropped her off, she would have less than a five-minute drive to her house.

        Joey, worried about the weather, attempted to call Tabitha, but Tabitha had the volume off while she was at work. Distracted by the cold, she forgot to turn the ringer back on, so she missed Joey’s call.

       Two minutes before the bus was supposed to arrive, Tabitha went to the bus stop joining two other passengers already waiting. They stood in the cold, waiting and waiting. Tabitha tried calling the bus company, but it was late, and the office was closed. They waited thirty-five minutes before the three of them agreed to split a cab, finally giving up hope that a bus would come. They were halfway up the steps, heading toward the taxi stand, when someone in the group noticed a bus coming toward them. Of course, just when you give up, a bus arrives, Tabitha thought.

         Thinking Tabitha should be home by now; Joey called again then texted. With still no response, Joey was beginning to worry; she knew Tabitha always turned her phone on as soon as she got on the bus. What Joey didn’t realize was Tabitha, after standing outside waiting for the bus, was so cold that she closed her eyes as soon as she sat down, trying to soak up the warmth.

        Tabitha was grateful the driver was being careful and going extra slow; she knew he was cautious of the ice, feeling the tires slide when he stopped. She also noticed when they slid right through an intersection; luckily, no other cars were around. Although the waiting made her cold and tired, Tabitha was happy she chose the bus’s safety over driving tonight. When they arrived at the lot where she was parked, the groundskeepers had just begun shoveling and plowing. The snow was deep, and without boots, it was hard to navigate. Now with the snow almost to her knees, she wished she listened to Joey and dressed warmer.

       By the time Tabitha made it through the foot of unplowed snow to her car, her feet and fingers felt frozen. She groaned as she noticed a massive snow pile that formed on top of her car. And the almost two-foot snowdrift in front of the vehicle. The first thing she did was start the engine; then Tabitha grabbed the broom she had on the backseat. It was hard to grasp the handle with her bare hands and her fingers so cold they hurt.

       Grumbling to herself as she swept the snow she could reach off her car, she cleaned around the vehicle, which was deep and hard to maneuver. When trying to avoid the more enormous piles, she lost her balance and fell in a massive snowdrift; snow now clung to most of Tabitha’s body. Struggling to get up and shaking some of the loose snow off, she used her broom and swept the snow from in front of the vehicle. Luckily the snow was light and moved quickly. Now freezing and wet, she was more determined than ever that her vehicle would not get stuck; she backed up slightly, trying to avoid the car parked behind her, then put the car in drive and gunned the engine. The vehicle jerked but made it over the remaining snow pile. The ride home from there was uneventful, and once she made it inside the house, she began to thaw.

      Tabitha’s fingers were red and stiff so moving them was painful, but after a few minutes of flexing, the circulation returned. Her clothes covered with snow were now wet; after dropping them into the washer, she donned a warm pair of flannel pajamas and her favorite fuzzy slippers. Next stop hot chocolate; holding the mug with both hands, the heat almost hurt but felt good at the same time. She glanced down at the blinking light on her phone.

      Reluctantly she set the mug down and quickly unlocked the screen, immediately noticing three missed calls and a slew of messages, all from Joey. At first, she worried something was wrong, but she realized Joey was worried about her after reading a few texts. The last text read call immediately. “Hi, Joey. Sorry I had the ringer off. I’m okay, just cold. The bus was late, and there was so much snow.”

      “Tabitha, oh good, I was so worried. You usually turn on the ringer once you board the bus. Are you okay? Did you were dressed warm enough, as I asked you to?” Joey questioned, but when silence echoed back, she asked again, this time with an edge. “Young lady, What exactly did you wear tonight?”

      “Joey, how was I supposed to know the bus was going to be late? And seriously, who could have imagined we’d have a foot of snow?”

      Joey recognized the whine in Tabitha’s voice and knew she was pouting. “No, you couldn’t anticipate the bus being late. But I remember calling you this morning and telling you about the snow. I remember also telling you to wear your boots and jacket and gloves. Did you listen to anything I said? Did you at least have on your snow boots and gloves?”

      Tabitha, all too familiar with her girlfriend’s now very stern voice, answered in a voice barely audible. “I didn’t wear any of that. I didn’t think it would be that bad.” the pitch of her voice rose when she repeated, “How was I to know the bus was going to be forty minutes late?” Although Joey wasn’t in the same room, Tabitha still stepped back and held her breath while waiting to see to what degree Joey was mad.

      “I do not appreciate you ignoring my instructions. If you had listened, you would have been warm while waiting for the bus. And I bet your clothes are wet from the snow. I hope you don’t come down with a cold. Tomorrow, you will dress properly. Do you understand?”

       Meekly Tabitha answered, “yes, ma’am.” afraid to say more. So far, Joey left out any punishment, and Tabitha wanted it to stay that way. But when silence greeted her, she knew it meant Joey was thinking, and whenever Joey took extra time to think over a situation, her derriere always paid the price.

      “We are going to have a long talk when I get home on Saturday. You may want to be on your best behavior until then.”

      Forgetting herself for a minute, Tabitha complained. “Joey, come on, please, You’re not being fair. I said I was sorry.”

      “Excuse me! Little girl, you may want to check yourself and stop whining?”

      “Sorry, Joey, I’m just cold and tired.”

      “Hmm, If I were there, I’d warm you up starting with that naughty bottom of yours.” Joey listened to Tabitha softly groan before continuing. “How about you grab some hot chocolate, then you can tell me all about your night.” Tabitha, eager to share her tale of woe, brought her drink into the other room and snuggled under the fluffy comforter.

       On Saturday, while Tabitha was waiting for Joey to arrive home, her nerves began to kick in. She had already cleaned the house and finished the laundry, so with nothing left to do, she paced back and forth. Her palms clammy, and her mind became preoccupied with worry.

       So she was startled when she glanced up, and Joey was quietly leaning against the door jam. “You’re going to wear a hole in the carpet with all that pacing.”

       Tabitha forgot her nerves for a moment. She ran full speed toward her girlfriend, almost knocking her over in her enthusiasm. Luckily Joey’s reflexes responded quickly, and she opened her arms while bracing for impact. Tabitha squealed, “oooh! Joey! I’ve missed you.” before landing in her lover’s arms. Together they spun around, locking lips, enjoying their reunion after four-days apart.

        Breathless, Joey, “Hmm, me too. I’ve missed my naughty little girl.” Tabitha wasn’t ready for their reunion to be over and tried to distract Joey into forgetting. Groaning Joey, obliged but not before reminding. “But before the day’s end, you are going over my knee. I need to deal with a naughty girl who doesn’t listen.”  

        As Tabitha’s cheeks flushed, any embarrassment she felt quickly became overshadowed by her arousal. So instead of worrying over the inevitable spanking, she grabbed Joey’s hand, pulling her toward their bedroom. First things first, she thought, and Joey must have agreed because she followed willingly.

         Lunch now finished, Joey set her napkin down on the kitchen table and looked over at her girlfriend. The look was one Tabitha knew all too well. She dreaded hearing the next sentence she knew would come out of Joey’s mouth. “Sweat heart, Let’s take care of business so we can enjoy our weekend. Get the hairbrush for me, please.” Instead of getting up right away, Tabitha let out a whiney groan. “Hmm, So you are still having trouble listening?” Voice now raised just enough; the steely tone got Tabitha’s attention. “Okay, find a corner; take a little time to contemplate that attitude.”

        Tabitha’s stomach flopped at hearing the change in tone. Raising from the chair, she quickly made her way to the nearest corner. Standing with her nose, practically touching the seam, Tabitha wished she had just listened from the start. If she had, she wouldn’t be standing here about to get her butt blistered. Instead, they’d be enjoying the weekend together.

        Joey retrieved the hairbrush while Tabitha stood there. Hopefully, twenty minutes would give her enough time to process how she landed herself in this position in the first place. Joey called out to her naughty girl as the twenty minutes came to an end, directing her to stand at her side. “Tell me please, why are we here?”

        “Because I didn’t wear a jacket when you told me to.”

        “Are we here because of a jacket or are we here because you chose to disregard one of our rules? Please elaborate.” Joey knew that Tabitha was uncomfortable when put on the spot, but before she could punish her, Joey needed Tabitha to realize why.

        Tabitha tried again, “Well, you told me to dress warm, and I didn’t, so I guess I put my safety in jeopardy. I’m sorry I didn’t listen, But Joey, I thought I’d be okay.” Tabitha knew she messed up as soon as that last sentence left her mouth. She should have apologized and left it at that.

       Lips in a fine line, Joey began to lecture. “Let me get this straight; you are saying that it’s okay to ignore our rules? Even without discussing it with me? A rule that I reminded you of that morning?” Before Tabitha could even think of a response, Joey added with barely hidden annoyance. “Tell me, what would happen if the bus broke down on the way home or your car didn’t start? No jacket, no gloves, and no boots!” As each thought left her mouth, Joey became madder. “You would have froze! That’s what would have happened!”

         If Tabitha didn’t know how mad Joey was before, she did now. Seeing Joey’s face turn almost cold, Tabitha would have been scared had she not known the worry behind the look. The first time Tabitha received that look was soon after they began to date seriously; that time involved a speeding ticket leading to her first severe spanking. As the memory flashed, she nervously pleaded. “Please, Joey, I’m sorry. I screwed up, please don’t be mad; I’ll listen next time, I promise!”

      Nothing changed; the look was just as stern. Tabitha wanting nothing more than to crawl onto Joey’s lap and hide in her lover’s embrace, stood biting her lower lip with her top teeth. She waited for what seemed like an eternity for the silence to pass. Once the silence ended, she was too stunned to move. “I’m going to spank you now with my hand. When I am finished, I’m no longer going to use the hairbrush. Instead, you will bend over the arm of the couch for the belt.” Tabitha took a step back, but before she could get too far, Joey took hold of her hand. “Enough, little one.” looking directly into Tabitha’s pleading eyes, Joey proceeded to unfasten and lower the girl’s jeans and panties. In a practiced move, She had Tabitha tilted over muscular knees.

        “I’m not going to lecture again, but when this is over, you will think next time before defying me.” Joey raised her hand and, with no warmup, began to spank. Tabitha gasping, tried to reach back only to have her hand snatched and held in a tight grip at the small of her back. Joey continued bringing her hand down, leaving so many red prints they overlapped one right over the other. As the swats landed, the fire they created caused heat to burn across Tabitha’s entire bottom.

       Beside herself, Tabitha then wiggled, attempting to squirm away, but Joey tightened the grip she had around Tabitha’s waist and landed a few stingers to the backs of her thighs. “Settle down; You know better.” eliciting a string of howls as they fell. Joey hated the need to be so harsh, but she felt strongly about Tabitha’s safety; she was okay with the few tears now as long as Tabitha was safe in the future.

        “Joey! P-please s-stop! It hurts soooo much.”

        “Oh, I’m sure it does little one. But we are far from finished.” Back to swatting the now rosy orbs, Joey set about turning up the flame. By the sounds coming from Tabitha, Joey knew she was accomplishing her mission. Once she was satisfied she had a matching pair of ruby red cheeks, she instructed Tabitha. “Let’s get you up. Wipe your nose then I want you bent over the arm of the couch.”

      Unable to help herself, Tabitha pleaded, “P-please noooo,” as she sadly looked up at her girlfriend. Only to receive a stern glare in response, not daring to push any further, Tabitha meekly obeyed, “okay, sorry.” Walking on shaky legs, Tabitha made her way across the room, kicking off the panties that managed to survive all the wiggling. Now bare from the waist down, she bent over the arm, feeling the soft fabric on her belly. As she lay there, she tried to absorb comfort from the material while digging her hands between the cushions, attempting to trap their mobility.

       Joey let her stew for several minutes, allowing the anticipation to build. She watched as Tabitha dug her hands between the cushions and wiggled her bottom, trying to relieve the sting without reaching back. Finally, Tabitha settled and built up the nerve to look back toward her. The look was sad but resigned. Joey knew the time had arrived to deal with this naughty girl. Picking up the belt, Joey adjusted her stance as she folded it in half. Lining up her target, Joey raised the belt above her head and brought it back down with a determined swing.

       Already sore, Tabitha cried out as the leather landed on her tender cheeks. “Joey! S-stop, P-please.” Although she wished she could, Tabitha did not move from her position. Without thinking, she began digging her hands into the cushions further, trying to find a place to secure them. The need to reach back and protect her burning bottom was overwhelming. Swish, splat, the belt came thundering down. Scorching heat and pain quickly followed, then another, Swish, splat. The pain continued, and Tabitha became more vocal, “Owie, Owie, Owie. I’ll be good, p-please J-joey!”

       Joey continued to bring the thick leather strip down twelve times before setting it down on the coffee table. Seeing her girlfriend in this much pain was not easy, but Tabitha needed this reminder. As much as she balked at having rules in place, she also struggled without them. After Tabitha’s emotions settled and her cries eased into sniffles and hiccups, Joey reached for Tabitha’s hand and led her to the sofa. Joey sat first, then carefully pulled Tabitha down to sit on her lap. Tabitha couldn’t help crying out and hissing as her tender bottom made contact. Joey’s jeans were soft, but to Tabitha, they felt like sandpaper; she tried wiggling until she realized being still was better.

         Joey held tight, hoping to reassure her little one, wiping away tears, trying to express how full her heartfelt by cooing and rocking. Soon, the tears were random, and the little girl shyly looked up into her lover’s now soft eyes. “Joey, ” hiccup, “I’m sorry.” sniffle, sniffle,

         Joey reached up, tucking away a stray hair from Tabitha’s face, “I know, little one. You are forgiven. You’ve learned your lesson, right?”

         “Yes, ma’am. I’m never gonna break a rule again.”

          Joey couldn’t hide a chuckle as it forced its way out, “Well, sweetheart, I’m sure you will try, and that’s all I can ask. Don’t worry; I’ll always be here to remind you anytime you slip up.”

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