Three am..

     Gloria’s party was so much fun, Henna thought as she reminisced over introducing Rita to all her friends. Then their little excursion for ice, her cheeks were still a bit sore. It’s just too bad Rita wouldn’t let her sit on one of the bags filled with ice. Henna smiled as she remembers how nice Rita’s cold hands felt on those same sore cheeks right before they were interrupted. Unable to sleep, Henna glanced at the clock again, three am. “Ugh.” She pulled the covers back and quietly got out of bed.

     Heading straight for the computer in Rita’s office, she hit the power button before closing the door; no sense waking Rita just because she couldn’t sleep. An hour later, she shuffled into the kitchen, turning the coffee pot to brew, then waited patiently. Cup of coffee in hand, Henna returned to the office. There were no new postings, so she decided to reread some older ones from her favorite bloggers. After another cup, she checked the time, and an idea formed in her head.

     Unfortunately, her ideas this morning, whether from lack of sleep or rereading stories from fellow brats, were not the best.  Setting the coffee cup down, Henna quietly left the office, heading back to Rita’s room. She had to cover her mouth to keep the giggles down as she thought. “Oh this is going to be so funny.” It never occurred to Henna that what she was about to do wouldn’t be received the same way by Rita.

    Off came her slippers, then as quiet as possible, Henna climbed on the bed. Once she had control of her balance, Henna proceeded to jump up and down on the mattress, startling Rita awake. Sitting bolt upright, Rita was disoriented and unable to comprehend what was going on. Was it an earthquake? As it was several hours before her alarm went off, her head was a foggy mess. Shaking away some of the cobwebs, Rita understood now that it was Henna making a ruckus. Still, she sat startled until, finally, Rita saw the brat in action, then as the fog cleared, she knew her next move.

      The ankle was only inches from her reach; as she stretched her arm out, she grabbed hold with a firm grip, pulling the girl down. Henna left with only one leg to balance fell immediately with half her body on the bed while the other half dangled off the edge. Now fully awake, Rita gripped the girl’s leg preventing her escape. Then as Henna realized her mistake, Rita tugged harder, pulling the girl closer until Henna lay over her lap. Rita was wide awake now and very determined.

      As panic set in, Henna struggled harder to escape, but Rita, now fully alert, trapped the girl in a tight grip. “Oh, if it’s games you want, little girl, it’s games you’ll get.” With that, a flurry of swats aimed directly at the girls sits spots came down at once. “What were you thinking jumping on the bed like that, so early in the morning?”

     “Rita, stop, I’m sorry. Owe owe owe, stop.” Trying to reach back only to have her handheld, Henna cried out. “I was only having fun. Ow, ow Owwie, I thought you would laugh.” Henna’s feet pounded the bed as her legs now acted as scissors before being held down by one of Rita’s muscular legs. The swats reigned down on Henna’s already sore bottom, leaving the girl breathless.

      Once satisfied, Rita ended the barrage and helped Henna off her lap. She watched as the girl knelt on the bed, pouting and rubbing her bottom. Unable to resist the adorable sight, Rita opened her arms, allowing Henna to find refuge in her embrace, but she couldn’t help asking. “Why are up so early?”

      Still pouting, Henna mumbled. “Couldn’t sleep.”

      Rita sat thinking for a minute, then asked. “What time did you get out of bed?” After receiving a shrug, she pushed. “Henna, What time?”

     “Um, maybe three thirty?” Henna began getting nervous by the tone Rita was using. Whenever she added a bit of sternness to her voice, it usually meant she was in trouble. So she quickly tried to justify getting up with a whiny. “Rita, I couldn’t sleep.”

     “Hm, And how many cups of coffee did you drink?” Henna looked down, distracted by her fingers as they played with the blanket’s edge. That was until Rita placed one of her fingers under the girl’s chin, lifting her head until their eyes met. “Ah ha, that’s what I thought. I think we need to have a long chat later. Right now sleep, and if you can’t sleep you rest for the next two hours, Do not get out of this bed. Is that clear?”

     “yes ma’am,” Henna yawned before snuggling in next to Rita. As soon as her eyes shit, she was asleep. Amazed by her girlfriend’s naughtiness, Rita shook her head. Then before joining her girl in slumber, she thought how fortunate for them to both be off the following day.